Dieting Weight Loss Confession: The Best Plus Size Jeans for You

Jade, 55 years old

I have always loved to dress elegantly and I think I look good  for a woman of my age. There are people in life that are born to ruin your day. Recently I went into a shop hoping to find some nice trendy jeans. Immediately as I stepped into the store, a sales assistant promptly asked  me what I was lookng for. I said I was interested in some nice jeans for women. She blurted out, "oh, we've got the best plus size jeans for you".

That was all I needed to hear and I just walked right out of the store. I was upset that she would judge my appearance and think I require a plus size pair of jeans. I know I am not skinny and have always shopped for large size clothing. I was just not ready to hear some stranger tell me I need to lose weight or that I need to go on a weight loss plan.

She didn't put it like that but I felt insulted. When I got back home, I did take a good look at myself in the mirror and wonder if I really need to go on a diet. The words of the sales assistant keep ringing in my head, "we have the best plus size jeans for you".


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: The Best Exercise Machine ThreadMill

Joanne, 35 years old

I sometimes hate my husband. He seems to have a fixation with my weight and is always trying to tell me to lose weight or go on a weight loss dieting plan. I have always told him I don't have time because of taking care of the children and having to do all the household chores.

He doesn't help with anything at home either. I know I should be more careful with what I eat and watch my weight, I have just been unable to shift any weight. Last weekend, we got a surprise delivery. The package was an exercise machine threadmill that my husband thought would be the best gift for me. I have always complained that I cannot join a gym and don't have time to go out jugging. When the exercise machine threadmill came he had a little grin on his face and said "this is the best exercise machine threadmill for effortless weight loss".

I stared at him in disbelief. He spent the whole evening setting up his best exercise machine threadmill for my effortless weight loss. I was depressed that I put the children to sleep early and I went to bed myself. I woke up in the middle of the night and sat there in the living room staring at this useless piece of junk called the best exercise machine threadmill. I was upset because I will no longer be able to tell him I don't have time to exercise or lose weight. I know his intentions are good but I just don't feel that I am ready to use this exercise machine threadmill. My children are a little excited about this new toy but I seem to be the only one depressed. I just sat there and ate a bar of chocolate whilst I figure out what to do.


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Food Taste Better When You Are on Diet

Dee, 28 years old

I have tried a lot of diets like the Aitkens diet and the Weight Wacthers propoint dieting plan over the years. Like most people trying to lose weight, I find that food tends to taste better whenever I tend to go on a diet.

I am sometimes obssessed with food that a piece of cabbage taste delicious when I am dieting. Whenever I try to diet using the weight watchers or other dieting plan, I do lose a few kilos but then I start to get lazy and the weight will effortless climb back up. I dont' think that I am addicted to food but I just cannot seem to get enough of eating.

The more I eat the more I feel the need to eat more. Often, I eat just because there is something to chew on. I tend to get some kind of satisfaction from chewing. For example, watching a movie is such a great experience when I have food in front of me. The movie doesn't have to be that great, I will still watch it as long as I have food within my reach. Some peopel will say that I am a Yo-yo dieter. That might be the case but I feel that food taste better when you are on diet.

By the way, I also have to confess that I hate any dieting plan to involves liquid food. If you cannot chew, it is not food.

Dieting Weight Loss Confession: I Hate My Friends When I Try to Lose Weight

Judy, 30 years old

I have always been the fat one among my friends. It is often said that everyone needs a fat friend and that seems to have been the story of my life. Whenver I tell my friends that I will be going on a diet, they all seem to be very happy about my decision and very supportive.

For some reasons, they will often invite me to go out and have a meal when I am supposed to be trying to lose weight. It is a good gesture, but you cannot go to  a nice Italian restaurant and order salad just because you are on a diet and you are trying to lose weight. That is why I hate my slim friends when I am trying to lose weight.

They tend not to be considerate about my efforts. I have actually thought about making fat friends, people that are more like my size. However, I have known my slim friends since high school and I dont' think I can easily give them up. I find it embarrassing asking them not to invite me to restaurants when I am on a diet. I am afraid they might stop inviting me out. That is why I just go along with them and eat my heart out. I still enjoy going out but it just not very good for my dieting plan and my effort to lose weight. This is my confession and I know I am not the only one in this situation hating my slim friends when I am trying to lose weight.