Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Will the 17 Day Diet Work for Lazy People?

Maria-Carmen, 43 years old

When I first heard about the new 17 day diet plan, I was really interested and wanted to know all about it. I asked myself the question, will the 17 day diet work for lazy people? That is the same question I have asked over the years when a new dieting plan is released. I am not lazy with regards to everything but when it comes to eating and dieting, I find it hard to motivate myself.

Losing weight is not an obsession but I do feel depressed when I am unable to walk without feeling tired and exhausted. I also feel depress when I cannot bend over to tie my shoe laces. I once stood on an old scale and it broke.

I have always tried dieting plans with various degrees of success. What I find really frustrating with losing weight or dieting is that all my effort comes to nothing after a week of stopping.

I come from a culture where eating rice and bean and fried chicken is part of the daily diet. I have read about the 17 day diet and I just cannot get my mind to start. I like the instant gratification  promissed by the 17 day diet plan, however, I know from past experience that I will easily go back to my old ways. I sometimes feel I don't need the 17 day diet and that I rather need a miracle.

I have tried slim fast and weight watchers in the past but I find them really hard to keep up. The only time I lose weight naturally is when I am ill. I tend to lose my sense of taste and will eat less. Once I get better, I just go back and eat myself to my previous weight.

With that in mind, I am not sure if the 17 day diet is for me. The question is not if the 17 day diet works but about my ability to stick with dieting. I sometimes hate women who are strong-willed and can stick to weight loss plan like the 17 day diet. These types of women make me feel like a fat loser and make me feel that I am weak person. I just don't understand why I can be determined and go through with certain things in my life but when it comes to dieting, I falter.


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Having Fat Friends Versus Skinny Friends

Gina, 45 years old

I have been blessed to have friends that I have known since high school. I was the fat friend but I have never really been bothered until I got married, had 2 beautiful children and things just got out of control. I still have regular contacts with my friends.

Out of the 4 of us, two are overweight and that includes me, one is regular or normal size and the other one is skinny and always has been. The problem with having skinny friends and fat friends is that the conversation tends to be a little different when the 4 of us get together. The skinny friend tend to talk about makeup and the love life. On the other hands, I tend to connect better with my fat friend because we tend to share the same worries about losing weight and dieting.

By the way, we try not to discuss our weight problems when our skinny friends are around. That is because they will always give us advice on what to do and what not to do. How we should join a gym and be more determined to lose weight. I hate those unsolicited advice.

I sometimes feel those skinny jerks keep and eye on what I eat whenever we go out to a restaurant. I could remember when I order a big banana split with all the toppings you can imagine. Those silly skinny friends stared at me and one of them had the odacity to ask me "will you eat all of that?"  I tried to dissimulate my anger and just smiled. Since then I only eat salad whenever I am with my skinny friends.

I have to say that having fat friends when you are overweight can make you feel less guilty because your fat friends are in the same situation. On the other hand, skinny friends are good when you have lost some weight and you want to show off. I still think all my childhood friends are great but when I am struggling with my weight I hate to have my skinny friends around. They just don't seem to understand what it feels like to be fat and depressed because of constantly trying to lose weight.


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercising

Judy, 25 Years old

I have been pregnant for about 3 years. That is the way I feel about my belly fat. On several occasions people have asked me if I was pregnant. I used to feel really upset about it and it still bothers me but not that much. Maybe I am beginning to believe that I am pregnant.  Once a lady asked me if I was pregnant and I replied "yes". He face lighted up and she asked me how many months have I been pregnant. I said, "oh! about 2 1/2 years". She stared at me in dismay and got the hint. She said, "pardon me, I thought you were pregnant." I just replied, "so did I."

That said, I often blame myself for being so fat and lacking the will to do something about it. I hate dieting and I hate to exercise. When I get depressed about my weight and my belly fat, I seek refuge in food. I don't go on a eating binge, but I just eat a little bit non-stop. I have been secretly looking for a way to lose belly fat without exercising. Conventional wisdom will dictate that I need to be more pragmatic about things and make more effort but I just cannot do it.

I must confess that I have tried to diet and be more careful about my eating habits. However, I am the type of person that likes instant gratification. I need to see the weight come off quickly or I lose interest. I have other fat friends like me struggling to lose their belly fat without exercising. My best friend is a little more determined than I am and is always trying dieting plans from, Dunkan diet, Aitkens diet, Weight Watchers diet plan, Slim fat and many more. She will stick to these diets for a couple of weeks and gain the weight back in a couple of days.

Unlike some women, I don't mind having big buttocks. I don't see it and tend to forget that my buttocks are big. However, losing my belly fat is an obsession. I don't want people to keep thinking that I am pregnant. I hate all the skinny women out there who make it their business to make comments about my weight. I hate myself for not doing enough to lose my belly fat.

I have read that doing exercise can help you lose your belly fat. I even bought one of those machines that will help with doing sit ups. I used the machine to practice doing sit ups for a week. My belly ached so much that I gave up. Well, I felt depressed because it was hard and I comforted myself by eating even more. That is the reason why I am want to know how to lose belly fat without exercising. Why does everything I eat go straingt to my belly? Why does it have to be so hard to lose my belly fat without exercising. Why do I feel like such a failure. Why isn't every woman fat so that I don't have to feel inadequate. Why do  I sometimes feel like  a "Pear" with legs?