Dieting Weight Loss Confession: I Eat in the Dark

Anna, 45 Years old

My confession is rather unusual.  I have been trying to lose weight like many people for so many years. I sometimes loath myself for not being able to lose weight when many people of my age have been able to do so. Weight loss has been a lifelong struggle for me.  For some reason, I find comfort in food and feel guilty at times for overendulgence. I have started to eat in the dark for some unkown reasons.

I am not sure if that is helpful in anyway but that is a phase I am currently going through. I know some people have been determined enough and have achieve maximum weight loss in very little time.

It seems the more I try to lose weight the more my dieting endeavors tend to knock me back. I have resorted to eating in the dark and I am not sure how long that will last. I know some people will say that I should accept myself for what I am. However, I just cannot really get that around my head.


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: My Son Says I am Fat

Stacy, 33 years old

I know that I am plus size but I actually don't consider myself to be fat until recently when my son said "mummy you are fat like the that lady on the TV". I laughed about it and then it suddenly hit me. Why will my son of 7 years old say such a thing. That actually got me thinking about my weight.

I have tried some dieting plans in the past but they just didn't work for me. I have since tried to accept myself for what I am. I know that I get upset when my husband says that I should try to go on diet and maybe look into some weight loss plan.

However, hearing my son say the same thing get me a little depressed. I went quiet for a while and when I feel depressed I tend to eat more. That is what I have been doing for the past few days. I know that is counter productive but I just do have to will and strength to diet or follow a weight loss plan.

Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Best Diet Pill for Losing A lot and Quickly

Quitsa, 36 years old

Dieting has become an obsession for me and my best friend since we entered the big "30s". She tends to be the one to always find a new dieting plan and if I tend to tag along if I see success in her efforts.

I am a little lazy and lack initiative when it comes to losing weight. That has been the story of my life for such a long time. A few months back, my friend decided to try out a new weight loss plan that was marketed as the best dieting pill for losing weight quickly. It was something she read on a website and she decided to buy it online and give the dieting pill a try.

As usual, I was skeptical about this new so called miracle diet pill. I tend to follow my best friend when it comes to dieting and other things. I also tend to gain weight when she starts gaining weight. We have both tried, paleo dieting, weight watchers, Aitkens and many more. We stick with the dieting plan for a while and after a few weeks we get back to our usual eating and drinking ways.

To cut  a long story short, my friend decided to give the best diet pill for losing weight quickly a try. This is one of the only time I was uncomfortable going along. After about a week my friend dropped 3 kilos and I was really impressed. I decided I was going to join her and take the same so called best diet pill for losing weight quickly.

The next day I got a call to say my friend has been taken to the hospital after she fainted. She was suffering from internal complications and severe exhaustion. It was obviously due to the diet pill. Consequently I immediately stop taking them. Fortunately enough for my friend she didn't suffer any irreparable health damage. Since then, I have stayed away from any diet pill that promises quick weight loss.  Dieting plan like weight watchers are harder to adhere to but at least you don't end up in a hospital.


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Taco Bell Diet Menu for Losing Weight?

Joan, 36 years old

I am what you can consider a junk food addict. I have been plus size for many years and do try to diet from time to time. I used to remember when I was slimmer and when I could walk into any clothing store and buy whatever I want.

After 4 children, I am now what is commonly called a plus size woman struggling to keep my weight in check. This confession is about my approach to lazy dieting. Every time I hear about a new dieting plan like the Aitkens diet, weight watchers pro point dieting plan and others, I make a point of giving them a try.

When I heard about the taco bell diet menu for losing weight, I was a little sceptical but when it comes to food, I am always willing to take the plunge. You would have thought that a fast food addict like me will want to stay away from taco bell, but I had to know if the taco bell diet menu really can help me lose weight.

This is just like people eating a double whopper and ordering a diet coke. Anyway, I ate my taco bell diet menu for a few weeks and did not lose weight. Maybe my problem is the amount of  taco bell diet menu, but overeating. I feel guilty for choosing an easy way out of my weight loss ideas but it can be really difficult to lose weight. I have a few fat friends in the same shoes. We actually call ourselves the triple F club (few fat frineds).