Sheryl, 41 years old

I have been suffering from S.A.D or seasonal affective disorder for a few years. In the summer months I am always determined not to give in to my SAD or seasonal affective disorder. I am also trying to lose weight and keep it. Generally, I a very positive person and I have tried various forms of dieting and with relative success.

I am fortunate to have a very supporting family and a loving husband. The main problem with suffering from seasonal affective disorder is that I gain a lot of weight because I just feel depress for a couple of months without the desire to do anything. The only thing I get to do is, eat, sleep and eat some more. I sometimes loath myself for lacking the will to combat SAD and feeling powerless about my situation.

I have consulted my doctor and have taken some medications to improve my moods during the winter months but I am not back to normal. Some friends have suggest that I move to another location with warmer weather. The problem is that, I will have to leave everything I know behind and I am not ready for such a drastic change. I am fortunate that I am a stay a home mother and my children are old enough to fend for themselves.

I wish I could afford to go to a place like Barbados every winter in order to escape these winter blues and get to keep my weight loss program intact. The routine for me over the past years has been to lose weight during the summer and gain weight during winter. I hope my confession will give courage to others suffering from S.A.D seasonal affective disorder and help them continue their fight. Losing weight when you suffer from SAD is a roller coaster experience.


 How Many Kilos Can You Lose with Wii Fit?

Kate, 39 years old,

<em>Wii Fit</em> Plus [Bundle] [<em>Wii</em> Game]

I have a husband that is addicted to computer games and he can spend hours playing. I find his addiction very  irritating. He gets annoyed when I interupts him. He has tried on several occasions to get me involved but I just don't see the fun in playing computer games.

One day, he came back home all happy annuncing that he has just purchased a new computer game console. I was levied and shouted at him for wasting so much money. He just smiled and said, "I bought it for you". That got me even more annoyed. He said, this new console game is for me so that I can lose weight.

I felt insulted and went into the toilet and cried out of frustration because I was not getting through to him. When I got over my emotions, I walked into the living room to find my husband jumping and dancing playing the Wii fit game. I stood there bemused because this was a little different. When he was finished, he asked me if I wanted to try. I decline politely and walked away. I went into the bathroom and got undressed and weighed myself.

I was shocked that I had gain more weight than I had anticipated. I just sat there in the bathroom naked and cried some more. It just hit me that my husband might be right. I need to lose weight and start exercising. It took me about a week to get over my initial abhorence of the Wii fit game. I asked my husband, how many kilos can you lose with the Wii fit?

He stared at me and said, "how many kilos do you want to lose with Wii fit?". I was embarrassed and said, "just a few". He showed me how to use the Wii fit to exercise in my quest to lose weight. I was not ready to look ridiculous in front of him. I waited until he went to work before starting my weight loss Wii Fit attempt. To my surprise I actuall enjoyed the experience.

I took me several weeks before I could actually exercise with the Wii fit in front of my husband. I actually don't mind him around but he just seems to oogle my breast and makes stupid comments. I told him to stop and sit in the other side of the room when I am exercising with the Wii fit. He didn't seem to be bothered. He just moved behind me and makes comments about my bottucks and how they wobble. To cut a long story short, I am now addicted to the Wii fit and I get to exercise as often as I can. The efforts are beggining to pay off.

How many kilos can you lose with Wii fit? I lost about a kilo per week over the cause of the first months. I did put on a couple of kilos after I slacked off from my daily Wii fit exercise. I hate computer games but the Wii fit seems to help with weight loss if you are willing to put in the effort.  I should probably eat less but that I be another challenge.


Is the Diet Pill ZGN-433 for Lazy People?

Jodie, 29 years old

I am a big woman until my doctor actually said that I am obese. That is when I became an obese woman.  The first time I heard that word "obese", my mind went into food remission. I spent a few days trying to squeeze in my belly to make them appear slimmer. I have to say that has been the story of my life for as long as I can remember. I am lazy when it comes to dieting or exercising. The only thing I do effortlessly is eating. I wish everything in my life will be as easy as eating. When I heard about the ZGN-433 diet pill, I really wanted to give it a try. Well, I hate to exercise and if a diet pill will let me lead the same life but shedding my excess weight I will not think twice. Some will say that taking the ZGN-433 diet pill is for lazy people. That might be the case but there are some of us with difficulties and we cannot just exercise and lose weight like most celebrities. That said, how do we know that these celebrities don't use the ZGN-433 diet pill. The celebrities using the ZGN-433 diet are just as lazy as the rest of us.

I am aware that the best thing to do is to eat less and lead a more active life. In my case, I have been unable to achieve any of that. That is why any help you can get from the ZGN-433 diet pill will be welcome. I am aware that some dieting pills have adverse side effect and I have read horror stories of people ending up in hospitals or losing their lives using dieting pills.

At times, I just feel frustrated that I will do anything to lose weight. If I can afford an operation I probably will give it a try. Some days, I try to accept myself for what i am and forget about diet pills like ZGN-433. I have tried but often I hate what I see whenever I take a look in the mirror. I cannot remember the last time I saw my belly button.