Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Fasting Like Beyonce's Lemonade Diet

Shirley, 26 years old

I used to think I was bootycilious like Beyonce until some mean girl told me I was fat. That was what promted my last weight loss endeavor. I don't really like to diet because I am happy with the way I look.

I am generally a very positive person and my weight hasn't been an issue because I know I am a big girl (it runs in the family). I hate dieting and I hate everything to do with losing weight. I know I am not disciplined enough to try a diet plan like weight watchers pro point plan. However, what I have found effective is going a religious diet.

My notion of religious diet is fasting. Some people call this the Beyonce's lemonade diet. Every week or every 10 days, I try to get myself to try the Beyonce's lemondade diet. I have not noticed any great weight loss but I am not gaining weight either. The fact that I don't have to watch what I eat on a daily basis makes the Beyonce's lemonade diet great for me. I try to convince myself that I am on a spiritual journey for the day and I am only fasting. I choose sundays for my religious diet plan because that is the only day that I do very little.

I wish I could do this twice a week but I am not that disciplined and I love to eat. My version of the Beyonce's lemonage diet is simple, I make squeeze lemon and mix it with water and that is all I drink through out the day. I have to say that the religious diet is pretty disgusting after a few hours of drinking lemon with water but I do feel clean and light headed.


Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Easy Exercise for Buttocks Fat

Gertrude, 45 years old

I have been very conscious of my derriere for a long time and at times I feel as if people behind me only stare at my buttocks. It is probably a cultural thing because I know so there are a lot of women who are very proud of their J-lo behind.

I will be mortified if someone were to say I have big buttocks. I have tried over the years to accept my generous bum but I just cannot. I have tried to exercise looking for an easy exercise for buttocks but to no avail. It seems everything I eat just goes directly to my bottom. I know there are women trying to make their bottom bigger but I am trying mine smaller.

Some years back, a group of men walked by and said "Nice Ace", I was shocked but kept walking and since then, I have stopped wearing my tight fitting jeans. There are women trying to lose their belly fat and in my case, I am trying to make my big buttocks recede. Why I am so obsessed about my bottom? I don't know.

I sometimes wish I was born into another culture where having big buttocks was appreciated. I cannot afford liposuction for my buttocks and I am afraid of any medical intervention. There seem to be no easy exercise for buttocks fat reduction that is efficient. I am aware that things could be worse but, this is my confession and my struggle to lose my buttock fat.

Dieting Weight Losss Confession: Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Yolanda, 33 year old

My confession is about my husband and his quest to help me lose weight. It is true that I keep complaining that I am fat and that I need to lose weight. I feel particularly conscious of my belly fat and I have to trying to reduce my waistline for so many years.

The problem became even worse after giving birth to my second child. My waistline became bigger and I hate it when my belly droops when I wear tight jeans. My husband now thinks he is an exercise guru and is always trying to get me to workout and be more active. Recently, he said he has got something for me: the best exercise to lose weight and he has appointed himself my personal coach.

His idea of the best exercise to lose weight is make me do 300 to 500 sit ups every single day for a month. He seems to be excited about helping that his enthousaism is just tiring. What really annoys me is that he eats as much as me and doesn't seem to put on that much weight. It's just not fair how nature can make things difficult when you are trying to lose your belly fat.

That said, I tried to go with him and try his so called best exercise to lose weight by doing as about a 100 sit ups. It wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated but I don't feel any weight loss and I have been trying to see if the sit ups are having an effect on my belly fat. When I touch my belly it feels tense but my clothing feels the same. The only good thing that comes out of this best exercise to lose weight is that I get to spend more time with my husband because he feels he is achieving something by calling himself my personal exercise coach. I have actually improved since I started my best exercise to lose weight by doing around 400 sit ups per day. I will probably have to give it more time before things get better.

Best Dieting Weight Loss Confession: Lactose Intolerance Dieting Plan

This is my confession and I hope nobody will have to deal with this. A while back I started having diarrhea and everything I eat will just run through my body like an aggitated river.

I was later diagnosed has suffering from lactose intolerance. This was a terrible thing for me because I don't know what caused my lactose intolerance. I now know that drinking milk is not something I should do. The week that I was ill with diarrhea, I lost a lot of weight and felt really weak. Those who saw me a week later asked if I was on diet. They said I should keep at it because I look great.

I was surprised but I told them I have been ill. That was when it finally hit me. I could actually lose weight buy drinking milk. I did not try it because I didn't not want to go through the  same terrible week of spending more time than normal in the toilet. Slowly but surely the weight I lost due to my lactose intolerance came back.

I wasn't very enchanted so I decide to lose weight by indulging in a bottle of milk. As expected, I had to spend hours in the toilet. I felt terrible but I thought drinking a bottle of milk in order to lose weight is a cheap alternative. I am not advocating this but, this is my way of losing weight by provoking diarrhea. I sometimes worry if their might be other health risk associated with my lactose intolerance dieting plan.