Obesity has grown to epidemic proportions over the years given the cheap availability of fast food, long working hours at the office and lack of exercise. Extreme cases can be life threatening and severely diminish the quality of life of those involved, including family members. Non surgical weight loss procedures are alternatives to drastic solutions like surgery and can be integrated into your lifestyle with relative ease. Learn about the lifestyle changes you can make as well as the gastric balloon weight loss procedure.

Improve Your Diet and Exercise

The most obvious way to get rid of excess body weight is to make the proper changes to your diet. Soft drinks found in supersized fast food combos contain a whopping 65 g of sugar and over 200 calories in a 590 mL serving. Simply cutting out carbonated drinks and switching to natural fruit juices and water will have a significant impact on shedding those pounds.

Fast foods and snacks like donuts, cake, cookies and potato chips contain very high amounts of saturated fats and transfats. Make the switch to healthy oils such as virgin olive oil when cooking foods.

Cardiovascular exercise in particular is an example of a non surgical weight loss procedure that works to strengthen the heart muscles and helps burn off calories. Going for a jog 3 times a week for a total of two hours can do wonders for managing your weight. Certain nutritional supplements that boost your metabolism and other prescription weight loss products may help too.

Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure

For those looking to achieve weight loss results beyond the standard practices of maintaining good diet and fitness, the gastric balloon may be an option worth considering. The method works by inserting a silicone balloon filled with a salt water saline solution into the stomach. When it expands, the stomach walls are stretched to make the patient feel full. This results in less food being consumed in a given sitting, which reduces the daily intake of calories.

Performing the gastric balloon weight loss procedure takes around half an hour by a team of trained medical professionals. A small camera is fed into the patient’s mouth to allow the doctor to verify whether it’s safe to proceed with putting the initially deflated gastric balloon into the stomach. It is then filled with a sterile saline solution via a narrow connected catheter tube. When it’s full, the tube is removed and the balloon sits independently within the stomach. Afterwards the patient is briefed on a diet plan for the first few weeks. The patient continues with day to day life and visits the doctor a few months later to have the gastric balloon removed. People who have undergone this process have reported losing more than 30% of excess body weight. Overall, it’s a safer alternative to surgery and avoids many serious side effects and complications.