It is still surprising that the weight loss industry is still a billion dollar industry. People still fall for the quick fix diet program and exercise equipment scams. Every diet out there "is the one". People will purchase pills without hesitation if it promises to help melt off the pounds. So much money is thrown away on quick fixes and none of them work, or at least not for very long.

How many of you have spent hundreds of dollars on the exercise video that promises a beautiful body in six weeks? There are thousands of videos to choose from! Most of you probably have purchased at least three or four of them. Some of you many more! Although, if you actually worked out with these videos for the entire six weeks, you would more than likely see a significant difference. They do work for those folks that actually do them. The problem is most of you will give up after the first week or two.

Then there are the hundreds of diet books. The grapefruit diet, baby food diet, Eat Clean Diet, Atkins Diet, and the list goes on and on and on. Unless you are going to stay on these diets the rest of your life, they are not going to work. Sure, you will lose 50 pounds, but as soon as you are off the diet, it ALWAYS comes back. Yet we continue to spend hard earned money on the next new diet book.

Billions of dollars are spent each year on weight loss scams and each year obesity continues to be a growing problem. The average size of women in the U.S. is size 14! Diets are contributing to the obesity problem simply because you tend to gain double the weight back, once you are off the diet. Then you go on another and another and your weight continues to increase.

And now, the new solution is body shapers!! Can't get rid of the weight so let me just tuck as much of it as possible into a body shaper!

The only way to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, is eat healthy and be active. Nothing else will work! This means a lifestyle change. For most people that is just too much work. However, until you learn to love yourself and realize that you are worth the effort, you will always struggle with your weight. Learn to eat healthier in a gradual pace and gradually your body will change. Increase activity and your body will respond.