DC35: Animal Vs Multi-floor

The only real difference between the DC35 Animal and DC35 Multi-floor, is the fact that the Dyson DC35 Animal comes with an added accessory -- the mini motorised brush bar attachment, that is designed specifically to remove pet hair and dirt from a range of flooring and furniture etc. And along with a change in colour of the vacuum machine (the DC35 Animal is in a pink/purple type colour and the DC35 Multifloor in a light blue).

Dyson DC35 Animal Vs Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor

However, it is still the exact same model in terms of specifications and features, both have the same performance and run time (dual power mode -- standard mode: 15 minutes with a constant suction power of 28 AW and max mode: 6 minutes of 60AW), as well as having the same weight and size (both weigh in at 2.25kg and have dimensions of height 112, width 23 and depth of 30 cm) along with the identical practicalities (the battery is the same and takes roughly 3.5 hours to charge, and both have a bin capacity storage of 0.35 litres, which is quick and hygienic to empty through its one button press release) and possess the same technology (Root Cyclone technology that prevents the vacuum from loosing suction power as the debris builds up) as well as turn themselves essentially into the DC34 handheld vacuum cleaner.

The Difference in Accessories

The only real difference is the accessories that come with the DC35 Animal package and the DC35 Mutli-floor package. Both come with the following (relatively coloured) docking station, crevice tool (mainly designed to clean awkward gaps and spaces), combination tool (which essentially converts from a debris tool to a nozzle brush tool for dust particles) and the motorized floor tool (just a motorised head to pick up dust particles etc.). The difference being that for the extra £30 (£5 difference on Amazon.co.uk -- as well as being up to 30% cheaper) or so, (it comes with a different colour as mentioned) you get the additional mini motorized brush bar attachment.

So essentially if you are debating between buying the DC35 Animal and the DC35 Multi-floor, all you are asking yourself really -- is whether the mini motorized brush bar tool is worth the additional £30 (£5)?

Which many pet-owner reviewers go on to say 'yes, certainly'. So if your house suffers with a lot of pet hair, then the DC35 Animal should  be your choice, yet again if you have no real need for a mini motorized brush bar, then why pay for it? (Update & Edit: If you head over to Amazon.co.uk -- you will find a difference of about only £5 between the DC35 Multi-floor and the DC35 Animal as of 31/08/2012 -- so the question: is whether the mini motorized brush bar tool is worth the extra '£5'? 'Yes', even if you don't have a pet, it may come in useful someway down the road).

Please let me know what you have chosen to buy along with your experiences with the DC35 Animal or Multi-floor in the comments section below, along with any additional questions or comments you have specifically regarding the Dyson DC35 Animal Vs Dyson DC35 Multi-floor debate.