The 'Complete' Difference

The main difference between that of a Dyson Animal and Dyson Mutli-floor with that of a Dyson Animal Complete or Dyson Multi-floor Complete, respectively,  is the accessories & attachments that accompany them -- namely being that of the stubborn dirt brush, the flexi-crevice tool and the Dyzolv spot cleaner (which will be discussed in a bit more detail below) -- note: all within the UK.

Besides that -- they are the exact same vacuum cleaner models, that have the exact same constant suction power, technology, practicalities etc. as their counterparts. For example, the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete will still have 235 Air Watts of constant suction power as that of the Dyson DC41 Animal -- the vacuum bodies aren't improved in any shape or form. The only difference, as stated, is the fact they come with the three additional tools stated above -- which potentially you could buy individually to attach to your vacuum. (Check out the full range of Dyson vacuum models -- 'complete deals' -- below).

1) Dyson Stubborn Dirt Brush Tool (retails at £15): this attachment is designed to fit ALL the Dyson models on offer (Cylinder models, Upright Models, Handheld, Mutli-floor and Animal) either through the hose or the wand. The brush focuses on dislodging difficult stuck-in dirt from soft or hard flooring and furniture, through its stiff nylon bristles that are designed to pop up the dirt/debris to make it loose and right-angled so that they are sucked up through the hose/wand and straight into the vacuum bin.

2) Dyson Flexi-Crevice Tool (retails at £20): like the Stubborn Dirt Brush -- it is designed to fit ALL Dyson Vacuum models on either the hose or the wand attachment. The main purpose of the flexi-crevice tool, is to allow the user to extend the vacuum's reach and 'flex' to vacuum and clean in between awkward gaps that are difficult to get to e.g. between furniture and cabinets. Moreover, it is attached with nylon bristles like that of the stubborn dirt brush  in order to help remove stubborn dirt and other debris from the floor.

3) Dyzolv Spot Cleaner (retails at £10): the Dyzolv spot cleaner is simply a specialised 'four active agent' spray that can be used upon carpets, furniture and rugs etc. in order to remove accidental spots and spills.

The Dyson 'Animal & Multi-floor Complete' Vacuum Cleaner Range

  • Dyson DC41 Animal Vs Dyson DC41 Animal Complete.
  • Dyson DC40 Animal Vs Dyson DC40 Animal Complete.
  • Dyson DC40 Multi-floor Vs Dyson DC40 Multi-floor Complete.
  • Dyson DC39 Animal Vs Dyson DC39 Animal Complete.
  • Dyson DC39 Multi-floor Vs Dyson DC39 Multi-floor Complete.
  • Dyson DC38 Multi-floor Vs Dyson DC38 Multi-floor Complete.
  • Dyson DC24 Multi-floor Vs Dyson DC24 Multi-floor Complete.

All are exclusive models that are available at selected stores.

Should You Buy a 'Complete' or the Standard 'Multi-floor' or 'Animal'?

Well just work out the math.

If the complete is £45 more expensive than the 'standard' version i.e not complete, then the offer isn't worth it -- as you can buy the accessories individually for the Dyson model and save on the money. More, likely is the fact -- that you may not even want all the accessories  on offer (probably just one) and hence it will be probably cheaper and make more sense for you to just get hold of the standard model and your chosen accessory/accessories.