Airsoft revolvers

are becoming a essential weapon in Airsoft and it best to know the difference in both types of Airsoft revolvers. Understand the basic function of each type of revolver will help you get familiar with the hand gun and especially when they decide to break down. Certain guns has specific problems and they can be easy solved if you know exactly what style of revolvers they are. The most two popular style of are of revolvers for Airsoft is gas powered and spring powered Airsoft revolvers. In this article I'll briefly go over a few things on each type of Airsoft revolvers.

Spring Airsoft revolvers are basically powered by a spring in the back of the revolvers chamber. When a players cock back the revolver, there's a mechanism that pulls back the spring and compresses it. During this time the BB is loaded into the chamber and is ready to be fired. The disadvantage of the Airsoft spring revolvers is the fact that it's powered by just a spring. Even though spring carry a lot of potential in exerting power, its nothing compared to a revolver powered by gas or basically CO2. This makes the spring revolver a lot weaker when compare to a gas revolver. Another disadvantage would be that the spring on most Airsoft revolvers tend to fail more consistently if you don't keep it clean. The spring is just like any other mechanic part in the guy and can fail if it get worn out.

Gas Airsoft revolvers on the other hand are more reliable and built more sturdier than the spring revolvers. The key difference is that gas revolvers are powered by Co2 or any other type of compressed gas. The most common CO2 gas that are used with gas powered airsoft revolvers are green gas, they seem to work better in cold conditions. On that note a gas revolver also has it's disadvantage and the only downfall of this gun is that gas revolvers don't perform well in cold weather. This due to the gas that it uses, for some reason the CO2 gas can't flow through the revolver and my guess is because it due to the gas not being a gas anymore because of the cold weather. This causes the gas Airsoft revolver to jam up but I've found a way to keep it from jamming up if you are playing in cold weather. I tend to keep my revolver in my holster close to my body which help type the Airsoft gun warm and I notice it work just fine when it warmed up like that.

In conclusion the main difference behind the gas and spring Airsoft revolvers are how they are powered. Spring is more mechanical using a spring to mainly propel the BB out of the chamber, where as the gas revolvers uses compressed gas to do the same function. Gas are typically the better choice for a revolver because it more reliable and shoots stronger when compared to the spring revolvers. It's not different if you had an gas powered airsoft sniper rifle or a spring sniper rifle, the gas powered Airsoft weapon seems to always be better than spring but don't get me wrong, with some add-ons and enhancement on a spring powered airsoft gun, you'll be able to match the power of a gas powered airsoft gun.