Many tanners are face with the questions: What is the difference between a regular and a high pressure tanning bed? Which one should I use? These differ in more than one way. The biggest differences is the way the bed tans, and the other is the cost per visit. While a high pressure bed visit will be less frequent, many tanners enjoy laying in a booth more often. They claim it a peaceful and relaxing time out of the day. Each individual tanner will have to weigh out the benefits and cons and make the decision for themselves.

Regular Tanning Bed:

Commercial Tanning Bed

A regular tanning bed produces UVA and UVB rays. The beds and sun lamps are designed to produce more of the UVA rays verses the UVB rays. This is because the UVA are more desirable to achieve a golden dark tan. UVB rays are the main cause of burns to the skin. Regular tanning beds can range from lay down sunbeds to standup booths. The cost varies from size of bed to location and can average anywhere from 3.00 to 12.00 a visit. These types of sunbeds can average have maximum staying time of 8 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the strength of the bulbs. The bulbs are long and resemble those of a fluorescent light. The have a phosphor coating that doesn't produce much pressure.

High Pressure Tanning Bed:

Commercial High Pressure Tanning Bed

A commercial high pressure tanning beds contain a different type of sun bulb. These bulbs are smaller and more powerful. They resemble the ones inside of a facial tanner called ultraviolet light quartz lamps. These contain a powerful gas that produces more pressure than the regular lamps. High pressure sunbeds are more efficient at tanning the skin because these block out the maximum amount of UVB rays. They also have a build shield that aids in blocking out even more UVB rays. Regular sun booths do not have this feature. The cost of these visits, depending on location can vary on average from 10.00 to 30.00 a visit. The max time is usually about 20 minutes. However, as much as it seems much more expensive, it truly isn't. Once a tanner has reached a based tan, a high pressure bed will only have to be used about three times a month to keep the results. Of course this varies by each individual. This method of tanning can become more economical by making less trips, saving gas, using less time and less lotion. Tanning lotion in itself is can be very expensive.

Warnings and Precautions:

Tanning of any form can increase the chances of developing cancer. It also causes premature aging and wrinkles. Anyone trying to develop a tan should talk about the recommended amount of minutes for the level the skin is at. Never stay more than recommended. Avoid laying out in the sun if tanning indoors on a regular basis, this is too many rays. Do not go to a high pressure tanning bed more than 3 times a month. The key, no matter the difference in the regular commercial bed or a commercial high pressure bed, is moderation and common sense.