If you're trying to figure out whether to buy a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, there are various considerations that need to be thought. These considerations will help you decide which type of fireplace is right for your home. You need to consider the ventilation system, the installation process, maintenance, fuel requirements and other features.

Gas Fireplace (28127) While many of us believe that fireplaces makes a house a home, today's wide variety choices of fireplace makes it harder for almost all of us to decide which type of fireplace to install. This is most especially when it comes to balancing the efficiency and the aesthetics of the fireplace. Although you have different choices of when it comes to fireplaces, you must first know what suits you home best. With the many types of fireplaces available today, you might find it hard to do that. Fortunately, this article will help you decide whether to buy wood burning fireplace or gas fireplace.


When it comes to ventilation, the gas fireplace provides more options than the wood burning fireplace. Although some wood burning fireplace can use the wall to form a ventilation system, the primary choice when it comes to this type of fireplace is through the ceilings, or chimneys. On the other hand, gas fireplace offer multiple ventilation choices. You can choose from natural vent and direct vent. Some are also vent-free.


When it comes to installation of both wood burning fireplace and gas fireplace, it is highly recommended to use a specialty retailer. You should also hire a certified professional installer of fireplaces. Aside from assessing how to install either wood burning fireplace or gas fireplace in your home, the installation experts will also ensure that the process of installation will meet both state and local codes.


Another aspect that is worth considering when buying fireplaces is the maintenance. When it comes to wood burning fireplace and gas fireplace, they have different maintenance guides. Gas Wood Burning Fireplace (28128)fireplace require little maintenance. If you let a professional fireplace installer install the fireplace, you can ensure to receive the highest performance and aesthetics with this type of fireplace. On the other hand, although wood burning fireplace are also easy to operate and can be very user friendly, they can still require maintenance that is need to be done on a routine manner. This is to ensure that the ashes will not accumulate and block the airway.

Fuel Requirements

When searching for a fireplace, one aspect that you should definitely consider is the fuel requirements. Wood burning fireplace and gas fireplace require different type of fuel in order for it to work. When it comes to gas fireplace, you have two fuel options – natural or propane fuel. On the other hand, wood burning fireplace obviously makes use of wood for it to produce heat.


Another worth considering when buying fireplaces is the feature. The typical features that are included when you buy wood burning fireplace are hidden hinges, self-cleaning glass and reversible flues. Some wood fireplace manufacturers also offer other features like wall heat shields and fans. On the other hand, gas fireplace usually includes a controller, either a manual control or a wall thermostat. Other manufacturers also include a remote control in their unit. This type of fireplace also usually includes easy push button ignition systems, glass faces and speed fans.