Colored contact lenses are used to change the color of your iris, either giving new hues to the original color by means of a barely coloured lens or modifying it massively with intensely colored one. They are very similar to regular lenses, but they are painted on the area that goes over the iris, the colored area around the black of the eye. Many colored contacts are available in plano form, or without any prescription, and can be used by people with perfect eyesight who just want to change how their eyes look.

Some cosmetic contacts known as sclera contact lenses are larger than standard ones, and cover the white of your eyes, known as sclera. This kind of lenses are not cheap as they are often made to order, and in many cases used in films and theathre. For example, the character played by Natalie Portman in Black Swan used custom-made black swan contact lenses which have become extremely popular. This type of contacts are totally different from conventional contact lenses and younever buy them without receiving training on how to wear them and having your eyes tested for compatibility.

Do Fashion Lenses affect your vision?

Coloured contacts have a central area that is not painted, so you can see through the lenses, though occasionally they can slide away from the centre of your eye and affect your vision a bit. Take extra care if you are driving with cosmetic contact lenses on, notably if you have been using the same contacts for a while or it's mostly dark, as your peripheral range of view may be less than perfect. There are some contacts used as theatre props are totally opaque and they won't allow you to see while using them. 

How Frequently Can This Type of Contact Lenses Be Worn?

Superior quality costume contacts are very similar to their prescription counterparts, and can be used to transform the color of your eyes every day, as long as you discard them when necessary and undergo the maintenance and cleaning routine. Cool contact lenses are often intended as a novelty, so the cheaper models may become uncomfortable after a few hours. Extreme lenses, such as those painted with metallic shine, glow in the dark contact lenses and novelty costume lenses are usually more difficult on the eyes and should be used less frequently to avoid irritation, especially if you work surrounded by smoke or other irritants. 

Maintaining Tinted Contacts

If you are already using prescription lenses you'll find that the cleaning procedure for your colored contacts is no different. Many costume contact lenses are intended to be used only for a limited period of time after opening them, and this can range from thirty to ninety days, provided they are cleaned and stored properly.

Do Color Contacts Need A Prescription?

Even if you have perfect vision, it's desirable to make an appointment with an optician and request a prescription before ordering your new pair of cosmetic lenses. There are two main reasons for this: Not all contact lenses are suitable for everybody's eyes and you will need to learn how put and remove them from your eyes without endangering your eyes. our optician will also show you how to store them so you can use your contact lenses until their replacement date without risking eye infections.