Dyson Digital Slim MK1 Vs MK2

The following is a brief objective review -- comparing the 'specifications and features' of the Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi-floor (MK1) to that of the new upgraded 'successor' Dyson Digital Slim DC44 Animal (MK2), highlighting both their differences as well as their similarities -- along with a conclusion as to whether the DC44 is worth the price.

Difference in the Battery (Cleaning Life & Re-Charge Time)

DC35: 15 minutes on 'Standard', 6 minutes on 'Boost'. Charge time of 3.5 hours.

DC44: 20 minutes on 'Standard', 8 minutes on 'Boost'. Charge time of 5 hours (un-official).

As can be seen there has been an increase in the run time of the Digital Slim vacuum , from the DC35 to that of the DC44 -- however the DC44 does require a longer charge time than that of the DC35 (which is pretty understandable -- although still quite long. And is 20 minutes enough?. Also both do come with a unique charging wall mounted docking station.).

Difference in the Cleaning Power (Air Watts & Motorised Head)

DC35: 28 Air Watts on 'Standard', 60 Air Watts on 'Boost'.

DC44: 28 Air Watts on 'Standard', 65 Air Watts on 'Boost'.

Although there hasn't been a dramatic improvement in the high constant suction power (Air Watts) -- the power differences comes in the updated motorized brush that makes the DC44 twice (100%) as powerful as the previous DC35.


Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
Amazon Price: $399.00 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of May 22, 2014)

Similarities in Practicalities

DC35: Storage Bin Capacity 0.35 Litres. Doubles up as a Handheld Vacuum. All Flooring.

DC44: Storage Bin Capacity 0.35 Litres. Doubles up as a Handheld Vacuum. All Flooring.

There aren't many places where it differs now, as can be seen the (transparent) storage bin capacity is the same and are also provided with the same accessories -- the crevice tool, the combination tool, motorized head with carbon filaments (differs like mentioned above that the DC44 comes with 'mini motorized tool for tough tasks') & hence can both convert into a standard handheld (similar to the DC34).

Similarities in Manoeuvrability

DC35: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner -- Weight: 2.25kg.

DC44: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner -- Weight: 2.2kg.

There is little difference to be had here also -- it can be argued that the DC44 is marginally lighter, but nothing that is actually noticeable -- as well as both having ergonomic designs with their weighting distributed towards the handle of the vacuum.


Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner
Amazon Price: $329.00 $286.29 Buy Now
(price as of May 22, 2014)

There is a Difference in Price

DC35: $329.99

DC44: $399.99

As of 02/09/2012 the price of the DC35 Animal is $329.99 whereas the price of the DC44 Animal is $399.99. A difference of $70 (give or take depending on relative retailers). So two questions spring to mind.

1) Is a DC44 worth $70 more than the DC35?

Yes. From the pure power of the DC44 alone -- it can challenge that of some conventional upright vacuum cleaners, the DC35 can barely be trusted to clean out your utility room well. Moreover, the increased run time will obviously play its part too.

2) Is a DC44 worth almost $400?

(The link above talks you a through more detailed analysis of whether it is worth buying the Dyson Digital Slim DC44). Generally speaking, those who are space (storage) conscious, are in need a range of cleaning jobs (DC44 is multi-functional) and perhaps need a vacuum that is extremely mobile (DC44 is extremely lightweight and built mainly of carbon fibre, good for those with mobility issues etc.) & generally those in small apartments (or use for just down/upstairs), covered in pet hairs -- the DC44 is perfect answer and I would say 'yes' -- the DC44 is easily worth $400. But, not so for the larger household.

If you have any specific questions or comments regarding the differences between the DC35 Animal and DC44 Animal, please feel free to make them in the comments section below.