Most first-time travelers are unaware that the cost of many hostels and hotels is very similar. The high-end hotels, however, do not fall under this discussion.

Hostels are typically viewed as cheap in both quality and monetarily. Hotels are typically viewed as more expensive because that is what travelers are accustomed to in America.

Hostels provide guests with more of an opportunity to meet fellow guests than hotels. In hostels, guests are more likely to stay with fellow travelers. This allows guests to communicate with one another, to share stories and experiences, and to recommend restaurants and pubs. In hotels, guests are unlikely to meet with other travelers.

Hotels provide guests with the comfort of privacy, which is not always ensured at a hostel. In hotels, guests do not have to worry about whether someone will break into their locker in the room. Guests also do not have to worry about someone else taking too long in the bathroom. Some hostels, however, have private bathrooms and guests can choose to stay in a separate room for a higher cost. When searching for a hotel, travelers should also be aware that not all hotels have private bathrooms.

If travelers are worried about getting enough sleep while staying in a hostel, then they should pay a little bit more money for the privacy of their own room in a quiet environment. Just because one has a private room at a hostel does not mean that that guest will not hear loud neighbors. In a hotel, guests are more likely to keep to themselves and remain quiet throughout the night.

For many establishments, a hostel and a hotel are merely names that do not signify anything different because the amenities are similar in both places. Therefore, guests should be sure to check what amenities are free at either place and assume nothing. One does not want to arrive at a hotel to realize that linens or towels cost extra.

Travelers should also be sure to check out comments left by previous guests at hostels or hotels that are being chosen. These comments can provide helpful hints for the traveler about whether or not to stay at a particular place.