Dementia is a degenerative disorder where your mental capacities are deteriorating. It is most frequently associated with memory loss and loss of orientation is space, time and person. Dementia is often wrongly interpretated as being the same as Alzheimers disease and that is why this articles wants to explain the difference between them.

In the end of World War 2 there were a lot of people ecstatic because the war ended. It was safe again and society could build up again what once was destroyed. This safety let to a baby boom in many countries. This can be described as an explosive increase in new babies coming to this world. The problem now is that those babies are now getting old and are in need for health care. There is an increased need in caregiving for people who have dementia in any form. Although there is a huge increase in people affected by dementia, a lot of them don't know exactly what this disease is.

The difference between dementia and Alzheimers lays in the fact that Dementia is a syndrome and Alzheimer itself is a disease that eventually causes dementia. Known types of dementia are Alzheimer disease, Dementia caused by stroke, Parkinson Demetnia, Lewy Body disease and Pick's disease. There are more diseases that could case dementia but these are the ones known best.

Dementia is defined as a deterioration of our memory and one other cognitive aspect that deteriorates like orientation, planning and action, inhibition, loss of decorum and many others. The different types of dementia all have their own specific symptoms but are all counted under the syndrome of dementia. Alzheimer is a disease that causes plaques and tangles in to the brain. These tangles and plaques cause malfunction between our neurones and brain cells communicating with each other. The result is loss in memory, loss of orientation in time and space, loss of decorum and loss of control of their body. Not one person struck by this disease is alike another one. All have their own symptoms or time frame how the disease is evolving. That is why no doctor can tell you what will happen to your beloved one and how much time he has to live. On average a person with Alzheimer disease can live for another 7 year after point of diagnosis. Sometimes this will be much longer and sometimes much shorter.

The reason why many people don't know the difference between dementia and alzheimers is that Alzheimer disease is the one that affects people the most. About 70% of all people affected by dementia are so because of Alzheimer disease (AD). When you hear about dementia or when you see it on television, it is almost always about AD. However, we must not forget about the 30% that does not have AD because there disease is just as serious.