Why It's Impossible to Lose Fat and Gain Mass at the Same Time

New to the gym? Lifting weights and exercising regularly but not seeing any results? It's important to keep your direction in the gym goal-oriented, whether it's losing fat or getting muscle. Many new weightlifters often confuse the two processes. Losing fat and gaining mass are different processes and require different training plans.  It's not possible work towards both goals at the same time.

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You are What you Eat

In order to get muscle mass, calorie intake needs to be increased. To increase mass by just one pound, caloric intake needs to be increased by approximately 2,000 calories, assuming a weighlifting program is followed. The increased calorie intake can be applied over a period of days, a week or even a month.  Think about it this way: the sooner you increase or decrease your calories by the desired amount in any given time period, the sooner you'll reach your desired results, ie. muscle gain or fat loss. So, if you cut 2,000 calories out of your diet for a week while working out, you'll lose one pound of fat that week. Losing fat is great because it will help define the muscles that you already have. Understanding this is important, bodybuilders know this difference and they set their workouts and diets based on one of two goals, either gaining mass or losing fat (while retaining muscle mass).    

Getting Started

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For most newcomers, it's recommended to start with a mass gaining plan and sticking to it until strength is increased and muscles grow significantly.  Many new lifters sometimes believe that they've lost fat, and while that is possible for some, it's more likely that their new-found muscles visually dominate and reduce the appearance of their fat. It is impossible to bulk up without gaining both muscle and fat, although it is possible to limit the amount of fat significantly by sticking to a high protein, low fat diet.

Eating frequent, smaller, protein-packed meals about 5-6 times a day is recommended. This helps to kickstart metabolism so that you're getting more calories in efficiently. Cutting weight comes later on, after strength goals are met, and desired body image results are achieved. Again, this is achieved by following similar workout plans while lowering caloric intake.  Learn how to get big muscles without making the mistakes most men make.   And remember, don't switch plans too soon. Stick through any workout plan, be patient, and results will follow.