Job hiring is the first step for an applicant to enter a company. Because of this, it should be fair for everyone regardless of their age, gender, race, or religion. Unfortunately, there are some employers who discriminate against job applicants because of these personal details. The following are some of the common bases of discrimination for companies nowadays:

  • Race – Race is a detail that can easily be identified in a person through his looks, skin, and even hair color. Because of this, it is one of the most common basis why people are discriminated against in the hiring process.
  • Smokers – There are companies that prefer hiring employees who are non-smokers. However, this should not be the basis for employment, unless it is a necessary requirement for the job position.
  • Obesity – Another common issue in the workplace is obesity. Some companies do not hire obese people because they are seen is emotionally unstable, undisciplined and irresponsible people – all of which are mere stereotypes.
  • Gender – Employers should not choose which gender to hire unless the position requires it. Paying wages should not also be subject of discriminatory practices.
  • Religion – People whose beliefs are different from the majority of the company employees are seen as "different' and are often isolated from the group. This should not be the case under federal labor laws.
  • Disability – Disabled job applicants are often rejected in job applications because employers think they cannot perform the tasks well. This is wrong. The right thing to do is to let them perform the task first, then decide if they can make it into the company or not.

These are just some characteristics that employers use to discriminate against job applicants. If you became a victim of discrimination during the hiring process in a company, you may take legal action against its owner. Under federal and state laws, any form of discrimination in the workplace is punishable and the violators can be sued for damages. Hiring a lawyer in this kind of situation is an essential step to gain the upper hand over the other party.

Discriminatory hiring in the workplace is an illegal act. An employer who commits such violation may be required to compensate for the damages of the victim. As the victim, all you need to do is to prove that you were not hired in the company because of a specific characteristic you have. In the process, you should have a reliable Los Angeles labor attorney by your side.