Skulls are often thought of as accessories that hardcore rock fanatics wear, and are often thought of as having a negative effect on visual appeal. However, the skull is what protects your brain-the most important aspect of human existence- so why have they acquired this negative connotation? The fact of the matter is that skull cufflinks for men can enhance the look of a dress shirt substantially. There are a ton of brands that offer skull cufflinks; moreover, each and every brand offers a unique set of benefits and aspects. This article is designed to provide you with a review or description of each brand that offers these cufflinks, so that you can make an educated purchase that you will love for years to come. It is also important to remember to purchase a set that falls within your budget, as it is not a great idea to take out a line of credit for something that merely holds your dress shirt sleeves together.

Alexander McQueen Skull Cufflinks For Men Will Cost You The Most Starting From $100, But Look The BestSilver Skull And Crossbones CufflinksCredit:

The Alexander McQueen brand has been around for a long time, and has developed a positive reputation in regards to jewellery and fashion because they offer nearly the best products on the market. The only downside to the products that are branded with the Alexander McQueen name is that they are quite expensive, and their cufflinks start at a hefty $100! However, if your budget allows, you should definitely take a look at Alexander McQueen skull cufflinks for men, as they will offer you a sense of fashion and style that is unique, and cannot be trumped by any other brand.

Killer Skull Cufflinks For Men Are Designed For The Rebel At Heart And Won’t Cost As Much-Starting From $50Black And Silver Round Skull CufflinksCredit:

I can definitely say that these are some of the types of cufflinks that have brought about the negative connotation that skulls have; simply because they look and represent death rather than life. However, there is still a small section of people that search for these killer skull cufflinks for men. One of the benefits of wanting these unique cufflinks is that they will not cost you as much as some of the other types, and can be purchased for as little as $50; this is mainly because of the smaller demand for them. A smaller demand for them has allowed the manufacturers to offer them at a lower price in order to make the sales.

John Varvatos Skull Cufflinks With Garnet Eyes Look Mean And Like They Are Staring At YouRed Guns N Roses Skull Cufflinks For MenCredit:

I am sure that you can remember seeing a piece of jewellery or fashion that simply stuck out from everything else. Having a set of cufflinks that have contrasting colors and look like they are staring tright at you will definitely leave this impression on somebody. The John Varvatos skull cufflinks with garnet eyes will definitely have this effect; they are made with a matt black or silver finish and feature red garnet gems in the eye sockets. The mix of the contrasting colors and staring effect create a memorable piece of jewellery that you will surely receive compliments on.

Paul Smith Skull Cufflinks For Men Look Modern With A Two Tone Face

Any fashionable objects that are created by Paul Smith have a reputation for taking an old object, and putting a modern spin on it. This can be an amazing thing in the world of fashion because it provides you with the best of both worlds-old and new! The way that the Paul Smith cufflinks for men have accomplished this is through utilizing a two tone face that mixes a matte gunmetal finish with vibrantly shining diamonds. The most amazing aspect of these cufflinks is that they are not even expensive and can be purchased for well under $80!

Silver Skull Cufflinks For Men Will Look Great With Any Colored Dress Shirts

The number one rule in fashion is that black and silver will go well with anything and not clash with any colors. With that being said, it must follow that silver skull cufflinks for men will look great when paired with any colored dress shirts. Imagine these silver cufflinks on the sleeves of a red dress shirt. Now imagine them on a blue dress shirt. And now a green striped dress shirt. It is amazing how these cufflinks can look great on all of these dress shirts in your imagination simply because they are silver isn’t it?

When you are faced with the challenge of having to buy a set of skull cufflinks, you will be confronted with a selection that is quite large in relation to the small amount of people that are searching after them. However, being educated in the brands, types, and models within this niche market will allow you to make the best decision. Use this information effectively, and you will definitely buy a phenomenal set of cufflinks.