When people think of the various fashion accessories that hold together the sleeves on a dress shirt they automatically think of the sterling silver or gold cufflinks that the majority of people wear; they fail to think of some of the silk knot cufflinks that will provide a unique look while doing the same job. Although these silk knot cufflinks are often overlooked, they are some of the best fashion accessories to purchase because they will allow you to stand out from the crowd, and ultimately put forth a look that is unique to yourself. However, there are so many options in regards to colors, designs, and brands that it has become quite difficult to choose one specific pair to purchase. This article was not written with intentions to provoke you to purchase a specific set of silk knot cufflinks by a certain brand or designer, but rather to open your eyes to all of the options that the market has to offer; choose wisely, and you will surely be amazed at the results.

How To Make Silk Knot Cufflinks-The Simplest Method

Since the most difficult part about purchasing any of the fashion accessories of this sort is actually deciding on one specific brand or model, sometimes the best ones are the ones that you have customized and tailored to your specific needs. However, it can be quite expensive to have somebody make a set of these cufflinks specifically for you so it is beneficial to know how to make silk knot cufflinks yourself. These cufflinks are essentially two larger knots on either end of a few pieces of material so there are literally hundreds of ways to make them. The best way would be to tie larger knots on any piece of material that is about an inch and a half long; by choosing the color and type of material, you can tailor the fashion accessory to your needs.

Orange Silk Knot Cufflinks Can Be Used On Halloween Or With Like Colored Clothes

Sometimes you see people wearing some fashion accessories with awkward colors with clOrange Silk Knot CufflinksCredit: Amazon.comothes that definitely do not match; orange is one of the only colors that you must be extremely careful with. This is mainly because there are only a select few occasions and other colors that it can be used with. Orange silk knot cufflinks can be used on Halloween with any other colored clothes because it is meant to accent the occasion, not the other clothing; however, it should only be used with like colored clothing such as orange, red, or purple when it is not this special occasion. With that being said, these orange fashion accessories can look absolutely amazing if you use them properly with the right clothes.

White Silk Knot Cufflinks Will Create A Clean Look

White fashion accessories are an “iffy” subject and must be worn carefully; you will lDressy White Silk Knot CufflinksCredit: Amazon.comook amazing if used properly, but horrible if not used correctly. In order to be worn properly, you must pair them up with other fashion accessories that are white or a single contrasting color. For instance, you could wear white silk knot cufflinks with a white belt or if you are wearing a single colored dress shirt such as a pink dress shirt. For the most effective results, you should choose to pair these white fashion accessories with black clothes so that they stand out substantially.

Black Silk Knot Cufflinks Can Be Used With Any Colored ShirtBlack Silk Knot Cufflinks For Dress ShirtsCredit: Amazon.com

One of the most beneficial things about any black fashion accessory is that it can be used with any other clothing and not clash with the color. This is why it is important to always own at least one pair of plain black silk knot cufflinks so that you can always have them as a last resort. These black pairs of cufflinks look the best when they are paired with bright colored clothing since they are made from dark colored material.

Most Cheap Silk Knot Cufflinks Will Break Far Before Any Of The Expensive Ones

There are some types of fashion accessories that can be purchased at discounted prices, and will still last as long as the most expensive brands; however, silk knot cufflinks do not fall in this category! These are made of flexible materials that are meant to be stretched when you are moving your arm around in different positions; however, cheap silk knot cufflinks that are made from cheap materials have a great tendency to break when they are flexed to the extent that the human arm can move. With that being said, it is important to understand that you will be getting what you will be paying for in regards to these fashionable objects. You will most likely get a much longer use out of the cufflinks that you have spent a decent amount of money on than the cheap models that you may buy for discounted prices.