A painted desk can be a simple DIY project. It can also be something that you just go out and buy. This is a way to really get all of the function of a wood piece of furniture. It allows you to get craftsmanship from a vintage area. At the same time, they also bring in a lighter and airier appearance that can work with your other office furniture. This is especially important if you're working in a kid's bedroom. Usually they have a limited amount of space, but they still need an area to do their homework. Just match the desk to the rest of the dressers and this is really going to create room for a cohesive design style. This way the mismatched pieces don't really seem to be intrusive in the room.

You need to evaluate the furniture that you already have in your space as the first step for any DIY project. This is especially important if you just have an office in a nook or even a hallway. You really need to make sure that the new DIY project is going to coordinate with what you already have even if you do want a fresh and new look.

In a kid's room you can really have a lot of fun with this kind of style. It's a chance to bring in very bold patterns especially if you are decorating a teenagers room. You can paint your desk with an animal print. You may want to just change up the color palette so that it does coordinate with everything else that is going on. Sure, you probably won't see a pink and black zebra in nature but it really does give a very cohesive kind of design style and a funky edge to your furniture. This is also a way to just incorporate basic black and white pieces that might not match or really relate to each other. Just bringing in one simple patterned piece is really going to change all of this.

When you do decide to paint this pay special attention to the details such as the moldings and the knobs. You can really incorporate this into your overall design. However, if you're going for pattern then you need to be careful. Usually flatter surfaces do work better so that you get a much more convincing kind of look.

A desk doesn't have to have pattern to it although it can. For instance you could just go with a traditional look. Depending on the colors that you choose as well as a distressed finish it really determines how old or antique the piece feels even if it's brand new. For instance if it just had a very light distressed finish around the edges then this can be traditional or even elegant. It can mimic an antique. If it was painted white or cream then this is going seem a lot more shabby chic or feminine so it's perfect for a girl's room.

If you are into craft painting or stenciling then you can really create a one-of-a-kind piece. This is your chance to really branch out and then decide what you want your work area to look like. Of course it shouldn't be distracting but they should be able to hold your interest. At the same time, you can also bring in a lot of colors, if you are allowed to paint your walls. For instance you could go with kind of a faux mosaic tile effect with a lot of bright colors and interesting geometric shapes. In fact you could even try real tile on top of a painted desk for a totally new transformation. You can also bring in subtle flower patterns for a garden kind of feeling.

For an elegant desk you might even want a traditional piece of furniture. You could just add in your monogram on top. Be aware that whenever you paint a picture you need to make sure that you actually see it. This could really get in the way if you use a laptop or a computer because most of the time the design is going to be underneath this if it's in the center of the desk. Instead focus in on the border. In fact you could even write your favorite quote or inspiring words around the table.

You can also have a lot of fun with color. For a rustic or country theme room then try going with a deep red. This is a way to incorporate just the basic furniture pieces that you may already own and use them in a theme. If the office is the only area in your entire space that you have then really own this with your favorite color of furniture. This could be a hot pink or a daring turquoise.

When you paint a desk you can still incorporate the wood tones that are already there. You can just try painting the inserts of some of the drawer fronts. You can just really assess whatever area is damaged and then find a coordinating color to help cover it up so you get to keep that beautiful wood grain that you already have.

Stencils can be especially helpful in this arena. When you work in a very small area kind of a natural color palette can seem very convincing instead of just like a faux finish. For instance you could try a rope edge. This can mimic molding or just be a beautiful detail by itself. You could also create a vintage effect with different rosettes or fluted moldings. This is going to be a 3-D effect and adds a lot more dimension to just a plain or flat piece of wood.

This can also be an opportunity to mimic wood if you want the natural kind of style but you can't really afford it. Just go with a chocolate brown paint. Each color is really going to relate back to a different kind of wood. A lighter piece can really bring in the look of pine or oak. A darker red can seem like mahogany. This is a chance to really get the look on a budget.