Your Selected Domain Extension is Significant

Think about buying multiple extensions, along with several spellings, of your website name.Keyboard(77258) This would secure your online brand and safeguard your domain name. You should then set up redirects on these so that if web site visitors check out one of the other domains that you own, it would redirect them to your primary website.

What Exactly are Domain Extensions and TLDs?

A top-level domain (TLD) is the piece that comes after the very last dot (for instance, .com).

Domain extensions, is whatever that comes after your chosen website name (for instance,

An extension is regularly just a top-level domain, but occasionally it consists of a top-level domain as well as a country code second-level domain (ccSLD).

By way of example (type is highlighted):

.CO.ZA-> Domain extension

.co.ZA -> Top-level domain -> Country code second-level domain

In the above illustration, the ccSLD signifies that it is a company. The TLD suggests that it is a South African extension. 

From Who and What You Need to Protect Your Website Name From

"Professional Domain Purchasers" get different extensions of existing domain names. They buy it at low-cost, and then easily sell it to either another interested person, or the individual who already own the same domain name, but with a different extension. In the second case, the person would buy the URLs with the different extensions so that they can secure their online brand and guarantee that no one else can own similar domains. The Professional Domain Purchasers normally sell the domains at a higher price than they got it for.

You will also need to safeguard your website name from "Traffic Robbers". As soon as your site becomes well-known and you obtain progressively more website visitors, some dishonest (and very lazy) people may try to "borrow" some of your website visitors for themselves. These Traffic Robbers buy a domain with the same name as yours, but with a another extension. This gives them two advantages: Firstly, when someone searches for your website or blog via a search engine, there is a really good possibility that their website would also appear in the search results. This is a shortcut for them to instantaneously have better search rankings. Secondly, someone who wants to pay a visit to your website or blog, might inadvertently type in the wrong extension and land on the Traffic Thief's website instead. Picture all the work that goes into getting your website or blog popular and eventually having a high traffic volume - and then someone coming along and "sharing" your hard work's success, just by purchasing a synonymous domain name!

You should look after your domain name and secure your online brand!

Major Domain Extensions

  • .com (commercial) - One of the original top-level domains, and has matured to be the most important TDL in use. Any person or entity is permitted to use this TLD.
  • .net (network) - It's one of the original top-level domains too. Originally intended to be used only for network providers but at the moment any person or company is permitted to register.
  • .org (organization) - This TLD is typically connected with non-profit organizations but any person or entity is allowed to register such an extension.
  • .biz (business) - Used by businesses or companies, it was established due to the necessity for reputable domain names attainable in the .com top-level domain, and to supply an alternative to businesses.
  • .edu (education) - Primarily used for educational institutions, especially in the United States. Only post-secondary institutions that are certified by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education's list of nationally recognized accrediting agencies are capable to apply for a .edu domain. The extension was originally planned for educational institutions globally.
  • .info (information) - Planned for informative internet websites, although the use is not restricted (anyone can get this extension). The .info was one of the many extensions that was expected to take the strain off the congested .com domain.
  • .gov (government) - This extension is used by government entities in the USA. It's administered by the General Services Administration (GSA), an independent agency of the federal government. The United States is the only country that possesses a government-specific top-domain in addition to its top level domain. This is due to the origins of the internet as a US Federal Government-sponsored research network. Other countries characteristically make use of a second-level domain for this (mobile) - This extension is dedicated to presenting the Internet to mobiles.

Extension Availability

As soon as you have made up your mind on the domains that you want to get, you can go to BlueHost to determine which extensions are still available for your domain name and, naturally to buy and secure them.