Slip and fall accidents often occur due to the dangerous condition on another's property. They cover injuries caused by wet floors, poor lighting, and uneven steps, among others.

Falls can be extremely dangerous, especially for the elderly. Records from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that in 2005 alone, about 15,800 people who are 65-years-old an above died as a result of fall-related injuries.

Slip and fall accidents involve different legal issues, which can be confusing to many. In order to understand them better, here are some FAQs about this type of accident:

Q: I was injured due to an uneven city sidewalk. Am I allowed to file a case against the government?

A: Yes. Municipalities are required to maintain sidewalks and streets so they may be held liable if they failed to do their job. You may be able to recover monetary damages from the city government if you were able to show that it is aware that the sidewalk is uneven, but failed to have it repaired.

Q: Do property owners have the duty of removing snow and ice on their property?

A: In general, they are not required to remove snow or ice that accumulated outside their house or building. However, they might be held liable for the victim's injury if the accident occurred due the "unnatural accumulation" of snow or ice.

Q: I was invited to a party at my neighbor's house. While I was inside his house, I fell due to a missing stair step and suffered from a hip injury because of it. Can I recover monetary damages from the host?

A: If you are a social guest, you may be compensated by the host if his negligence caused the accident. He is required to tell all of his guests about dangerous conditions which they might not easily see. In your case, the host should have told you about the missing step or replaced it before the party started.

Q: I slipped due to a wet floor while buying a birthday card from a store. Can I file a case against the store owner?

A: Store owners and employees should make sure that floors are dry in order to avoid accidents. They should always check the areas that can be accessed by the costumers. You may be compensated for your injuries if they failed to protect you from harm while you are on the property.

Q: Who can help me take legal action against the property owner if I was injured in a slip and fall accident?

A: A skilled Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you sue the property owner if you were injured because he failed to maintain the good condition of his property.