Writing consistently is the key to earning a lot of money with your content. You have multiple ways of getting content. If you want to get a lot of content for your blog so you can attract more visitors from the search engines and make more money then you need content and a lot of it. Here are some ways that you can get content for your website.

Write It

The most common way for webmasters to get content articles for their website is to write it themselves. If you started a blog on a topic such as restoring antique cars, then I would assume that you know a lot about restoring antique cars. You are probably a fountain of knowledge when it comes to restring antique cars so get your knowledge down. Write a lot of articles that are both interesting, helpful to the reader, and fits within the theme, topic, or niche of your website. The more articles you write then the more money you can make.


People outsource for many different reasons. Just because you outsource articles does not mean that you need to quit writing yourself. In fact if you buy cheap articles from foreign authors who speak very poor English then you will probably be doing more time editing and revising their work before you publish the article then it would take you to simply write your own content.

For quality content you need to pay more money. You can also find article writers at Text Broker. Text Broker is a great way to outsource articles you need for your blog. If you keep writing articles and outsource articles then you can build up the traffic level to your blog to a record high. Keep the new articles coming and the traffic (and money) will continue to follow.


Some people turn off comments to their blogs. This is very stupid to do because every time someone leaves a comment it benefits you. Not only will all the comments be free content that can help get you new traffic from the search engines, but you can also get many return visitors if a good debate breaks out on the comments of an article you published. Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the actual article. Go to the Huffington Post and you will find many great pieces of content, but scroll down and read some of the comments and you may find like I did that the comments are more interesting then the article.


If you have a busy and active blog with a lot of commenter’s then you can take it to the next level and integrate a forum using Xenforo, Vbulletin, MyBB, or some other forum software. A busy forum can get you a lot of free content on your website which will help you to get a lot of additional traffic from the search engines. If you want to learn more about forums then take a look at a busy forum for forum webmasters such as The Admin Zone Forum.

Guest Posts

The busier and more active your blog is then the more opportunities you will get for guest posting and for having guest posters. Having a guest poster on your blog will give you free content and you will also get access to a new traffic base as the guest poster will often share the link to his guest post on your blog with his followers.

Buy Article Batches

Many webmasters tire of their websites or need money quickly. You can take advantage of these situations and buy content in bulk. If you buy a website and it has 1,000 unique articles on it, then you will profit on those articles every month. It does not matter whether you use Adsense or affiliate programs to monetize your websites. The more content you have then the more money you can earn from your website. If you cannot afford to buy websites and blogs right now that have a lot of content then simply focus on writing your own content and then reinvest your earnings into outsourcing and then eventually you will have the cash on hand to buy websites with a lot of content.

Your Kids

Kids Write Articles TooCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pascalmaramis/6789848939/Go ahead and laugh, but if you have kids in Junior High or High School and they need money or a favor from you then go ahead and assign them a writing project. Have them write on a particular topic for you in order to earn the money they need. You can also ground your child when he or she gets into trouble and then allow them to get off of restraint punishment sooner if they are willing to do some additional writing work.

Old Journals and Diaries

Many times people stumble upon old diaries and Journals of their ancestors. If you happen to have one then you could start a blog revolving around the diary and then hire a cheap Filipino over on ODesk to type out the words of the Diary into article form for you and then publish it to your website. If your grandmother kept a journal for 50 years and wrote in it daily then you will have enough content to rapidly build up your Adsense income to a huge level each month. If you have an old diary that has never been published before and then you should not only publish each word of the diary but also write some context to the journal entry both before and after the post on your blog or website.

Get Content

Most people start off writing their own content and then slowly begin integrating other methods to get additional content. If you want to get rich off of your website then you need a lot of content. The best way to get the content you need is to simply start writing at every spare moment you have and then reinvest the earnings you get into either buying articles or buying revenue earning websites.