You probably already know how the movement back to mirrored home accessories has been taking place for some time. This was once a very popular look in more elegant homes. The effect does have a very rich and expensive look to it. But, you can own various types of mirrored pieces for your home without spending a fortune.

However, don't expect it to be overly cheap either. Making this type of furniture does require some extra skill and cutting glass, even though it is done by machine, still carries certain costs. It really just depends on the complexity of the piece you are looking for and what type of finish you desire.

For a good idea of what types of mirrored furniture are available, you can visit Horchow online and browse their mirrored section under furniture. Some of these items are more specific for the bedroom and others are able to work in a living room area. If you are new to the whole mirrored scene, then you will also appreciate this site and what they offer in terms of selection and pricing.

You will notice that you can get tables for less than a mirrored dresser in most cases. The reason for this is probably obvious to you when you see the amount of work that goes into the detail and design of each. This is really the gauge for the pricing. Where you might find a mirrored table for a few hundred, a finely crafted dresser covered in an antique glass finish might cost closer to $2,000 USD.

Remember, this is a look that you just can't capture with wood alone. While you will find wood used as the backing to these mirror pieces, it is not the first thing you see, by any means. Another feature is that you can find these items in more modern styles or with a nod to the art deco period. The more modern mirrored chest pieces are a bit more conservative and not as ornate. The others are more lavish in their design and appearance. Each has its own distinct personality and you will find that your mirrored furniture gives your home a very elegant appeal when used in moderation.