There are many different options available when you are shipping freight, and many considerations to look at when choosing a specific freight delivery service. Here are a few of the key methods of transportation:


  • Hot Shot Shipping: Hot Shot trucking is a relatively new industry that specializes in shipping smaller orders any distance in incredibly fast spans of time. Often the goods are delivered as soon as next day, and the drivers don’t take breaks to sleep while they are en route. While hot shot trucking costs more than slower shipping options, the goods arrive faster. Among the Hot Shot options available are Flatbed shipping, which is good for heavy equipment transportation, LTL, which is best for time critical delivery, and truckload, which allows for the transfer of larger loads.
  • Air Charter: When time critical shipments need to be delivered at a certain time sooner than a truck can deliver, it’s best to choose an air charter service. Without traffic, your goods are guaranteed to be there on time.This option is more expensive than hot shot hauling, but in many cases, the cost is worth the service.
  • Amtrak: Shipping with rail services mean your freight must fit in restricted, specified boxes that are often three feet square and no more than 75 pounds. This option is cheaper, but there are more complications. For instance, the goods aren’t delivered door-to-door, and there are restrictions on the content. On the plus side, the train offices don’t open the boxes once they are sealed.


Once you have selected the shipping method that best fits your needs, there are some considerations that you need to be aware of:


  • Freight Weight: In order to get an accurate quote, you need to provide accurate freight weight. The weight is used to see how many individual loads will be needed to load a truck.
  • Freight Dimensions: This is another important consideration when getting a quote for your shipping service price. Round up to the nearest inch when measuring the length, width and height of the package. With LTL carriers, dimensions are used to determine the individual loads that will be needed for a truck, and inaccurate measurements can result in a big difference in cost.
  • Oversized Items: Make sure to specify if there are oversized items, since this will change the best method for carrying the freight. Large or heavy shipments are the same.
  • Packaging: To ensure that your goods are as safe as possible, it’s best to palletize the goods. If they can’t be packaged this way, ask your shipping company for the next best shipping methods for your goods.