Different Photo Ideas for Photo Baby Shower Invitations

Baby showers are fun to celebrate since this is a family event and you will get to meet a lot of relatives and friends whom you have lost contact for a while. If you plan on hosting a baby shower for your friend or relative, then you might want to decide on the invitations. One of the most popular trends in the invitations circuit is the photo baby shower invitations using ultrasound images. These images are wonderful opportunities for parents to get the first glimpse of their babies.


 Ultrasound images for the baby shower photo invitations can be obtained either from the doctor's office or after getting the permission of the mother. These images can later be scanned from nearby printing stores or through a scanner available at your home. If not, you can take the assistance of shops and download the scanned images on to a USB drive.


A lot of ideas and tips can be used for designing the baby shower photo invitations. You would first like to purchase the necessary stationery items such as colorful paper, accessories, envelopes etc from stationery stores. If you have a word package installed on your computer, you can use it to download templates for creating colorful backgrounds for the invites.


The scanned ultrasound image of the baby should be clearly visible for the guests. You might also alter or modify it so that it fits well according to the size of the invitation. A brief description of the mother to be can be used as wordings and can be placed below the photograph or inside the invitation cards. Similarly you might even include slogans, poems or famous phrases to add more glamour to the baby shower photo invitations.

 If you do not get hold of a ultrasound image of the baby, you can even use a photograph of a pregnant belly of the mother to be. Details like the gender of the baby and when it is to arrive in the world can be used as wordings. In addition to this you might even be interested in adding cute pictures of babies along with baby snap shots of the mother to be in the form of collages for the photo baby shower invitations.

In order to avoid any confusions and misunderstandings, the invitations should consist of all the necessary information like the date, time and location of the party. Mention the names of the guest of honors on the top of the invitation cards and send these at least 4-6 weeks in advance prior to the main event so that the guests can make the necessary travel arrangements.

Even though the ultrasound images are clear, you can make it more fun loving by adding a little circle around the image of the baby so that the guests can get attracted to the photo immediately. Print a smaller version of the ultrasound image and use it on the top of the envelope so that the recipients can know what the invitation is all about.

 No matter what type of Neutral photo baby shower invitationsyou create, you might want to save a card for the mother to be so that she can cherish these lovable memories in her scrapbook and show it to the baby when it grows up. These unique invitation cards are sure to set the tone for the party and who knows some relatives and friends might even ask you about tips and advice for creating them.