Let’s face it, getting dressed up for Halloween is an excuse for girls to flaunt their bodies that they have worked hard for, and show some skin. And there are a lot of outfits that are geared towards this! Pin up girl costume ideas are meant to look “cute but classy”! This means that they will allow the girl to show some skin while still avoiding the “trashy” look!

The most amazing thing about dressing up as a 1940’s pin up girl is that the possibilities are nearly endless! There are a wide variety of costumes that range from a sailor to an army recruit!

This article is not geared towards exposing you to all of the pin up girls that you can dress up as; but rather, it is meant to open your eyes to a few of the best possibilities!

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You Cannot Be Afraid To Show Some Skin In These

The truth of the matter is that all of the pin up girl costume ideas incorporate a short skirt or a low cut top! With that being said, they’re not meant for women that aren’t comfortable showing some of their skin.

Take a look at all of the pin up costumes on Amazon, and you’ll see that they definitely don’t cover much! However, in the same token, they definitely don’t expose enough skin to be deemed as being “trashy”, and you won’t have to worry about “overexposing” your body while wearing them!

I think that they form the perfect medium between not enough skin and too much skin!

Create Your Own Homemade Pin Up Costume

So, you don’t want to head to the store to spend $40 on a costume, and think that you have some clothes in your wardrobe that you can use!

Simply follow these instructions:

-Use a curling iron to curl your hair! Curled hair was extremely popular with pin up girls because it gave them the “long and wavy” look that they always wanted!

-Moisturize and clean all of your skin that will be visible! Companies only chose the girls with the best complexion to be part of their pin up calendars, so you should try to replicate their amazing complexion as much as possible!

-Wax, pluck, or thread your eyebrows to perfection! Dressing up in a pin up girl costume involves looking like them as much as possible, and they were known to have perfectly shaped eyebrows!

-Put some makeup around your eyes, and try to style it like they did in the 50’s!

-Dress in vintage-looking clothing. You should take a look at laced tops, pencil skirts, and Capri pants that have a high waist line!

When it comes to the pin up girl costume ideas, there are some that involve buying the outfit from the store, and there are some that involve making your own! These simple steps will allow you to make you own, and customize the costume to your liking!

I always like it when people make an attempt to create a homemade costume because it allows them to create something that is unique rather than something that has already been seen a few times!

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Most Pinup Girls Had Cigarettes In Their Hands

Now, in the 21st century, smoking is seen as something that is absolutely horrible and is frowned upon! However, things were different in the 1940’s and 1950’s; cigarettes were viewed as being “sexy” and “bad, in a good way”!

With that being said, all of the big companies that hired these pin up models asked them to smoke, or at least hold, a cigarette in their hand! This added the appeal to the calendars that all of the men were looking for!

I would highly recommend carrying around a fake cigarette while you are dressed up as one of these women because it will really take your costume to the next level. On that note, there are many fake cigarettes on Amazon that can be purchased for discounted prices!

Act Like A Pinup Girl

Unfortunately, pin up girls had a very stuck up attitudes! They were highly paid and had all of the men chasing after them...and they knew it!

You should really make an attempt to act snobby and stuck up when dressing up as one of these girls because it will allow your costume to be even more convincing!

At the end of the day, there are many different ways to dress up as a pinup lady from the 1940’s and 1950’s. These costumes will work well for Halloween parties and simple dress-up occasions that people hold! I would highly recommend using one of the pin up girl costume ideas that is listed throughout this article because you will end up looking like you came right off of the page of a 1940’s calendar!