Saree Draping Styles

Saree Draping

A woman wears the saree all around her waist and then it is wrapped on the arms and shoulders and the midriff is uncovered. Women can wear sarees in different ways and hence, some of the saree draping styles and methods are listed below.

Nivi Style of Draping

This style of wearing a saree is hugely popular and this style comprises putting the saree inside the petticoat. It is then draped on a woman’s lower half of the body and then the pleats of the saree are grouped together and tucked just under the navel. The pleats collected around the woman’s body makes her look graceful and the pallu is eventually draped all round the shoulders in a neat pattern. 

Gujarati Style of Draping

This style of wearing a saree is slightly different and is worn by women in Rajasthan, MP, UP and the state of Bihar. In this style, the saree is generally worn by draping the pallu over the shoulder and bringing it in the front of the body. The left side of the saree is inserted behind the body.

Konkani Style of Draping

This is called as the Nauvari saree and in this procedure involves draping a nine meter saree and inserting it from behind the body and pulling it between the legs and the other portion of the saree is worn as a sort of a pallu. The woman gets a lot of free movement when she wears this style.

Tamil Style of Draping

This saree is around 8 meters in length and the pleats are close to the left leg and then it is slowly draped all around her waist and the remaining saree is worn on the left shoulder and insert on the left part of the woman’s body.

Bengali and Oriyan Style of Draping

This style of the saree involves wearing it around the lady’s waist and no pleats are worn. It is worn on the right part and the pallu is draped on the left shoulder.

Kerala Style of Draping

This saree is usually worn by women in Kerala and is also called as the Mundum Neryathum. It is a simple cotton saree which is not bleached. Some stripes on the saree are usually adorned with gold or some colors and may or may not have any borders. The saree is two pieces and the modern one which is a one-piece saree is called as Mundum Neryathum.

Coorgi Style of Draping

Women from Kodagu district in Karnataka wear this style of saree. It generally involves arranging the pleats behind the lady and the remaining part of the saree is worn on the right shoulder and is eventually tied to the remainder part of the saree.