Corporate Team Building Techniques

Corporate team building activities come in all sorts of guises, from the large corporate conferences to the intimate newspaper bridge building task. However, these team building efforts are most easily performed and most effective when conducted in smaller groups. Most large corporations will be segmented into a number of different department teams and whilst it is important to focus on interdepartmental relations every so often, corporate team building activities usually focus on each individual team in turn. So, what options do you have for your team building efforts? Broadly speaking, we can split them into four categories.

Indoor Activities - On or off site, there are a wealth of indoor activities that can contribute towards corporate team building. Simple exercises such as the aforementioned newspaper bridge building task are highly cost effective ways of encouraging teamwork. To spark the creativity in your workforce, there are options such as cookery or art classes. Competing in indoor team sports is another fantastic way to engage team members in increased levels of communication and cooperation.

Outdoor Pursuits - Most organised team building days take place in the great outdoors. Many centres offer a series of experiential learning activities for your teams to work through as a unit striving towards a common goal. Then there are the pursuits for the actively adventurous - rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, orienteering - the list goes on. An increasingly common activity is paintballing, combining teamwork and communication with strategy and creative planning. Of course, for such activities, carefully consider the physical abilities of all the team members involved.

Social Gatherings - An incredibly cost effective approach to corporate team building, social gatherings allow team members to relax away from the office, outside of working hours. Team picnics and BBQ’s offer excellent social opportunities, though are obviously seasonal. Organising a team for a pub recreation such as darts or skittles not only unites a workforce, but is a continual activity. Quiz nights are also a great bonding experience. With social gatherings however, it is important to make sure people mix together and not stick with an already established social group.

Charitable Events and Community Projects - Giving something back to the community or acting on behalf of a worthwhile cause is not only a bonding experience, but a hugely rewarding one at that. Entering your team into a charity fun run can involve weeks of training before hand which could be done as a group. Finding a school or community centre in need of refurbishment unites a team in a fulfilling common goal. As long as the project does not affect the productivity of your company, charity events and community projects are an admirable approach to corporate team building.