In general, men's leather wallets are not portrayed as a stylish accoutrement to their wardrobe which is quite sad. Men have been squirreling their monies away in their pockets or in money clips for so long that it is assumed men do not want or need a wallet. This could not be farther from the truth, however, and here we will introduce a few of the more fashionable wallets available for men:

1. Men's Fold-Over Wallet for Credit Cards features three compartments for credit cards and two slots for money bills.

2. Bi-Fold Men's Wallet has slots on both sides of the wallet that can hold more credit cards than the Fold-Over and includes identification windows for licenses.

3. Tri-Fold Italian Wallet for Men has three compartments that, when folded up, look like a small notebook. It can hold credit cards and money bills.

4. Men's Flip Wallet for Credit Cards has a bottom area that folds together and an upper area that folds down and can neatly store money bills and credit cards.

Each of these wallet styles makes room for credit cards and paper money but does not offer storage for coins. Why is this? Perhaps it is because men are simply not supposed to tote coinage around or carrying it in their trouser pockets may or may not be a bother. One option that is not as popular is the mens leather zipper wallet. This gives you the option to securely store coins, however this zipper slot is actually designed for important documents like receipts that you don't want to lose. Hopefully the trendsetters can answer this but for now, let us return to subject of men's leather wallets. There are several well-known brands that produce excellent wallets : Royce is known for their outstanding artistry; Guess regularly produces classy and practical styles; and Derek Alexander consistently uses superlative leathers. Buyers can expect to pay £14 or more for a new wallet.

When choosing a wallet, a man should focus on three main points: how much space he needs within the wallet, how sturdy the leather is, and what style and design he prefers. A bulky wallet filled to the hilt with cards and bills will look foolish in the pocket of a Brioni suit. Selecting a wallet should be easy; if only we knew why most wallets made for men do not have coin storage!