Wooden wardrobes can really add a lot to a room. It can be the focal point of your entire space. You can use this in a bedroom if you are running low on closet space. It's also a great option if you need a makeshift work area. It can even help hide the TV and work as an entertainment center. Really when you go with real wood you won't have adjustable shelving like you would with laminate furniture so either you're going to have to makeover the piece or just use it as is for its intended purpose and room.

One area where this can really shine is going to be the mission kind of design style, which is quite simplistic. It just uses the basic flat panel front door. This also just has simple iron hardware. You can find this in the country design style. It was popular a few years ago. This means that now it might seem a little bit dated. You can find it at thrift stores and then just take off the basic ornate brass knobs and just go for a simpler handle and hinge design to really give it more of a mission style. This is going to be one of the more subtle wooden wardrobes that you can buy.

You can also go with antique furniture. This is going to be one of your more expensive options but it does use more of the Deco kind of style. This is a chance to really create a focal point in your room and get rich wood that you might not see a lot. If you're having difficulty finding this you can check out a lot of the Internet classified ads because every once in awhile will really turn up when someone is literally tearing it out of their home. In this case, you can just look for very subtle curves or inlays. This is a way to get a feminine style that can still work in very masculine kinds of spaces because of the rich wood tones that it has on it.

Balance is really important when decorating with a wooden wardrobe. This really is easy to accomplish on a budget. You might just want to have one natural wood tone in your room, especially if it's in a small bedroom. You might just want to go with a lot of other painted and upholstered pieces to lend femininity.

You can also really match this to the rest of the cabinetry your home. This is especially important if you're going with a built-in cabinet. Oftentimes this can just use more of the traditional kind of design style. Again, you can have the flat panel doors but you can add a little molding around the piece. You might even just go for painted pieces in a bright white finish that can match a lot of the other trim and bookshelves that you have around your home. This will make large pieces really seem to disappear a little bit.