Why take out an insurance policy cover

As life is so short, it is necessary to give adequate thought and consideration, about what is going to happen to your family when you are no longer around for provision of income on a regular monthly basis. The protection for their well-being, in the form of an insurance policy or policies will give them enough money to carry on life with the same lifestyle and security as they now have a without having unnecessary worry about where their income will come from.

Read the small print

Take a good look at the various insurance policies available as there are different types of insurance policies to invest. Therefore, need to that you deal with an insurance company very experienced in this field, who have expert agents for giving you good advice and service, before you sign on the dotted line.

Dealing with a reputable insurance company

When you deal with a reputable insurance company with a trading history of more than one hundred and sixty years, you have the ability of insurance agents who are confident about the knowledge they are imparting to you. The offering is a range of life insurance products for choice and furthermore, there’s sincerity in their commitment to maintaining pace with the way the market changes. Through this, they offer you the necessary financial protection and security for all of your family’s essential needs in today’s world.

Different Types Of Life Insurance(71925)

Claims settled and benefits paid to date in excess of $34 billion

Different types of insurance policies come from an insurance provider always seeking to give a policy with more flexibility of premium payments, permanent insurance coverage and potential for more growth of the cash value, included with the policy. With an American General Life Insurance policy, you have a definite peace of mind. To date this firm has settled claims and paid out benefits totally in excess of $34 million, a quite substantial amount in anybody’s terms.

Insurance Options

The two main life insurance options are Whole Life and Term with categories being divided into Term, Universal, Whole Life and Endowment. The policy owner has the benefit of knowing that when the insured person dies, there will not be hardship for his family.

Flexible Features

By customizing the flexible features of the different types of insurance policies, you can enhance your financial plan for death benefit cover and other options. This is for reasonable finances, and guarantees for providing necessary security and reassurances, such as

1. Guaranteed death benefits

2. guaranteed access and cash value

Difference between Whole Life and Term Life Insurance Policies

Whole Life Insurance is a policy offering complete protection to the policyholder until they die. Upon death of the policyholder, the death benefit is transferred to beneficiaries.

American General Life Insurance Company

Term Life Insurance is cover offering you protection for a certain length of time for a predetermined amount of money.

Other Products on Offer

• Accidental Death Benefit. With this policy comes an added benefit of $200kin the event of the insured’s death being a result of an accident.

• For a spouse or other insured party providing level term insurance up to twice the value of the amount of death benefit in the base policy for the spouse of the insured member.

• Provision of an accelerated death benefit if medical diagnosis confirms terminal illness.

Benefit for children up to twenty-five years old

A children’s term insurance benefit available for dependent children under twenty five years of age.

If the insured becomes completely disabled, the monthly deduction rider waived for amounts up to $5 million.

With these different types of insurance policies, there is definitely a policy suitable for all.