People have a tendency to automatically think of watches as being worn around one’s wrist; however, there are a ton of watch cufflinks that will allow you to hold your dress shirt sleeves together with a fashion accessory of the same nature. There are a wide variety of functional watch cufflinks that will cost you quite a bit of money, and some non-functional models that are solely geared towards physical appeal. In addition to the many different types of watch cufflinks that can be purchased, there are a ton of brands that offer almost all of those types; this large selection makes the decision making process quite difficult. However, reading through the information in this article will allow you to fully understand the benefits and downfalls of each product so that you can make an educated purchase!

Mechanical Tateossian Watch Cufflinks Will Cost You Well Over $250, But Are Fully Functional

Everybody knows of a few specific brands within each type of fashion accessory that are deemed as the cream of the crop within that niche area of the market; they will cost you the most money, but will be recognized the most. Mechanical Tateossian watch cufflinks fall in this category in regards to these pieces of jewellery that hold your dress sleeves together. They will cost you well over $250 but will function better than any other watch that you wear around your wrist, and will definitely look elegant enough to be given compliments to.

Marcel Drucker Has A Great Collection Of Classic Watch Cufflinks That You Would Like

There are also brands in the industry that offer a ton of different models within that specific section of the market. Marcel Drucker has made quite the positive impact on the market in the last few years by offering a ton of classic watch cufflinks for prices that undercut the competition by a substantial amount. There are a few aspects of the Marcel Drucker cufflinks that allow them to be deemed as being “classic”; they have clear cut corners, a shiny finish, and function perfectly. All of these factors allow them to be the perfect gift or purchase for the individuals that prefer the finer things in clothing.

Steampunk Watch Cufflinks Provide The Mechanical Aspect Of A Watch And Look Modern

Some people could care less about telling the time from the jewellery that holds their dress sleeves together, and care more about the visual appeal that they are providing. In regards to visual appeal, people can either choose jewellery that provides a classic look or a modern look; Steampunk watch cufflinks are designed to provide a very modern look by showing the mechanical aspect of a watch and having a matte finish rather than a glossy one. The most effective way to wear one of these Steampunk cufflinks would be to pair them with a modern dress shirt that has a very faint design on the front or back.

Bulova Offers Antique Watch Cufflinks That Will Impress Everybody

One of the keys to looking classy is to wear something that either is or looks like it is antique. Not everybody has pieces of jewellery that their grandparents have passed on to them, so most people have to purchase something that is brand new, but that looks antique. Bulova has a decent selection of antique watch cufflinks that will satisfy this need. The only downfall of this brand is that their models are rather expensive because they design all of their products with the utmost quality. This is not to say that the Bulova cufflinks are not worth the money that their price tag entails, but rather that you should have a budget that is large enough to suit them.

Paul Breguette Has Quite The Selection Of Circular Watch Cufflinks

These pieces of jewellery come in nearly every single type of shape; I have seen cufflinks of this sort with square, rectangular, oval, and circular borders to name the least. Paul Breguette has many circular watch cufflinks that you would definitely like; in addition to their great selection, their models are not very expensive! The majority of Paul Breguette cufflinks feature the mechanical aspects of a watch rather than a functional watch face; however, they still have a few working watches to wear a cufflinks.

The one thing that you must remember above all of these different types and brands of watch cufflinks is that they are merely pieces of jewellery to hold your dress shirt sleeves together; this is not to say that you should not buy them, but it is to say that you should buy a pair that falls within your budget. You definitely want to avoid taking out a line of credit to buy something that is only meant to make sure your sleeves stay around your arms! Use this information to find a set of cufflinks that fall within your budget, and you will surely be impressed with your purchase!