The baby's crib is the most important and (hopefully) visually appealing piece of furniture in the nursery. There are a few different types of cribs for the nursery. Before you shop for a crib, determine what type you prefer.

1. Standard Cribs                  

Standard cribs come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Economy models may only cost a few hundred dollars where high-end models can run well over $1000. What you need to know about standard cribs is that they do not move easily, they do not have wheels. There is also no way to convert the crib into a toddler bed. Most standard cribs these days do feature drawers underneath but the economy model will likely not have this feature.

Why buy a standard crib?

Buy a standard crib if you have a Pack n' Play or other moveable containment device where children can play. (Most sleep specialists do not recommend the crib as a play area anyway.) Also, a standard crib is a good option if you do not need the crib to convert into a toddler bed for future use.

2. Convertible Cribs

A convertible crib converts, typically into other types of bedding that will grow with your child. Many convertible cribs can be used until the child is well into their toddler years. Some even build into full size beds with the purchase of a larger mattress and support pieces. Keep in mind that the shape of the crib and the space needed will grow as the bed converts. Some sleep specialists suggest that convertible cribs make the transition from crib to bed easier since the child can watch the conversion. These cribs tend to be a bit more expensive but they prevent you from having to buy a toddler bed in the future.

Why buy a convertible crib?

Buy a convertible crib if you want something that will last as the child grows up.

3. Portable Cribs

I don't find that portable cribs are so popular anymore since the Pack n' Play and similar systems are so affordable and popular. Also, the wheels on portable cribs are typically low quality and would damage floors if pulled around on a regular basis. If you do purchase a portable crib, I suggest doing so in person. Checking out a completed crib will allow you to test its sturdiness before buying. Be sure that if your baby is sleeping outside of the nursery, it is still in a dark place.

Why buy a portable crib?

Buy a portable crib if you wish to pull the baby around and offer the child a moveable place to sleep.

Each one of these types of cribs is available in a variety of styles and colors. Once you have determined what type of crib is best for your baby, move on to deciding what style you prefer. Good luck finding the best crib for your nursery!