Different types of cyber-crimes are increasing nowadays due to the widespread use of computers. They come in various kinds, approaches and involvements that you must be familiar of for you to become aware of it and of course, be safe from it.

Cyber Crimes Compared To The Usual Crimes

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Different types of cybercrimes pose a lot of risk to online users and computer systems every day. Cybercrimes, like the usual physical crimes, are criminal acts. The only difference is that it involves an online connection that is why is termed as “cyber”. Internet or online connection is used to acquire illegal or unauthorized access to a certain computer system or user account to damage, steal, hack or alter its data contents.

Cyber Crimes Classified

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Cybercrimes occur in different forms which include theft, data alterations, and different kinds of fraud. It does not always cause physical damage to persons or property like the crimes that you are familiar of. The main victim in this type of crime is usually the information because most cybercrimes violate privacy. Alteration and manipulation of information is widespread and this can pose harmful risks to your properties, especially your accounts and even your identity.  Even large business corporations can become victimized by this type of crimes.

Hacking: Much Like Receiving Free Tickets To A Show

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Hacking is a very common cybercrime that can be done by almost any one given the skill in such. It involves the unauthorized taking or stealing of information ranging from passwords to account numbers and usernames for the hackers to be able to take it and use it as their own for their benefit. This involves bogus websites and e-mails which require you to enter necessary information that are usually confidential.

The use of such bogus accounts is more commonly known as phishing. Original websites are usually imitated to get your attention to it and be able to make you believe that it is the true account. In that case, they will already gain your trust and you will gradually give them the necessary confidential information that they need.If you give in to what they require from you, you already gave them the access to your personal accounts without directly knowing. Hackers work silently. You will never know or notice that they are already manipulating your accounts, and in no time turned into theirs already.

Hacking, as a very common and widespread form of cybercrime, can lead to the access not only of some confidential information. Some hackers can be very talented that they can gain access to all the information of your computer system and not just your account. It can be very dangerous as it can totally damage your computer. Aside from that, they can also send viruses to your computer to destroy the files, programs and application within it. If that happens, it’s as if you bought a new computer because it seems to be very clean and only the basic programs are accessible.

Hackers do their task because they would either want to earn a living through the illegal means or they would just like to have fun. Most of them hack because of the latter. Their common goal is to cause an alteration to a system or network. Once they already gained an access to even a single bit of information from you, eventually they will already have the ability to access your entire system.

Cyber Stalking Can Be Damaging

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Would you believe that stalking is also considered to be one of the different cybercrimes? This is usually done through the use of social networking sites which are really evident all throughout the world. Cyber stalking is the act of excessive tracking of an account with the purpose of torturing or blackmailing its owners. The more details of your personal information and activities being exposed every day, the more prone you are to cyber stalking.

Even Your Identity Can Be Stolen from You In The Cyber World

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Identity theft is also another common form of cybercrime. It involves stealing of your identity by using your account as if it is actually the possession of the hacker or the stealer. It can be very dangerous as this involves damaging your image in the cyber world. Once negative information has already been related to you, it would be very difficult to somehow clean it or take it away from your real image.

The Harm It Causes

The effects of cybercrimes could not be limited to short term only, but most involve long term effects. They do not only ruin your computer system, but they also leave a negative impact in your lives. Some damages caused by these types of crimes are not temporary at all. A lot of files may be lost, many computer systems can be damaged, and many computer users can face a lot of struggles on how to get everything fixed so it would be back to normal.


Different types of cybercrimes exist and are even increasing in number. Many have already been victims throughout the world that is why you must take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your computer from these types of danger. Anti-virus software can be very helpful to achieve maximum security.

Also, you must be knowledgeable and aware enough of every interaction you make online. Do not let you trust easily be gained and make sure everything is legitimate before you give your information especially the confidential ones. You must have the keen eye to observe and inspect every website you visit, every contract you agree and every form you sign up. If this is not properly handled, this will give the cyber criminals the opportunity to take over your system. The existence of different types of cybercrimes is an issue that must be given appropriate concern because if they will not be given appropriate action, then hackers and stalkers might rule the cyber world.