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Emergency response vehicles must have proper emergency vehicle lighting for highway incidents in order to better take action in necessary circumstances as well as guide other vehicles on the road. This is why emergency vehicle lighting for highway incidents play a vital function in providing extra sources of light at night alerting the public and motorists on the need to be watchful while using the highway.


There are different varieties of emergency vehicle lighting for highway incidents aimed at helping diverse vehicles better serve their purpose. An emergency vehicle is any type of vehicle that responds to an emergency situation or call. This article explores the different varieties of lighting for various emergency vehicles.

Mini (light) bar Emergency Lights

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These are the most flexible vehicle lights for emergency. It is possible to use mini light bar emergency lights in any type of vehicle without strain because they are smaller in size and light in weight. These emergency lights are moveable and easy to carry; they may be dismantled and put back if need be. Mini light bar emergency vehicle lighting for highway incidents are perfect for lighting up side sheets of fire trucks, tow trucks and emergency vehicles whose performance levels are high.

These lights are also instrumental in undercover police cars because of their ability to be hidden underneath fixed grids and are simply activated when it is necessary for the vehicle to be seen. Despite their tiny size, these lights are extremely efficient because of their laser beams that are high in intensity giving them the ability to penetrate any type of weather. In addition, mini light bars can provide dash lighting in case an emergency vehicle is responding to an accident or any other emergency on the road or even when it breaks down. Due to their portability and ability to be mounted, mini light emergency lights may also serve as handheld lights in case security staff has to handle an issue on foot.

Full size (light) Bar Emergency Lights

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These are extremely helpful in terms of managing an emergency condition as well as controlling of road traffic. These emergency vehicles lighting for highway incidents are produced in different intensity levels and colours. The full size light bar emergency lights contain a pre-programmed pattern for flash that may be activated by pushing a button.

Flash patterns are extremely useful in clearing the way for emergency vehicles to get to the area of emergency and providing direction for traffic that is oncoming. Flash patterns are also valuable in police cars because when used with different patterns of flash, they send a message to violators of traffic to get off the road and stop. They also send a message to the public when there is a police chase.

Ambulances, police cars and fire trucks use flash programmed light bars usually mounted on the vehicle’s roof. These lights are in varying colours to reduce confusion. In normal circumstances, red and amber light bars fitted in fire trucks while red and blue light bars are exclusively used in police cars. Colours like green and yellow are used in towing or construction vehicles. Colour red is the light bar used by majority vehicle. It instructs people to reduce speed (slow down) and also signifies emergency.

Strobe Lights Emergency Lights

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These lights are easily visible hence they are usually used in emergency vehicle types. Strobe lights perform well as back or tail lights. Emergency vehicles lighting for highway incidents lights must be efficient, irrespective of the lighting type used. Today, LED bulbs, which have high performance and are efficient, are used for all types of lighting for emergency.

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These bulbs have the ability to stay on for long hours without burning out. In addition, they are efficient in terms of energy consumption, they use little energy hence do not drain batteries out. LED Bulbs have the capacity to produce light beams that are high in intensity hence very effective in terms of alerting the public of an emergency situation.

Lighting and other fitting for various emergency vehicles

Emergency vehicles are fitted with various emergency gears to allow for optimal performance in addition to getting relevant personnel to the emergency venue. Fire trucks are high performing vehicles for emergency in response to road accidents that result in fire or fire breakouts. Due to the fact that these emergency vehicles have to work with time constraints, they need special lights that allow them to travel amidst traffic without stopping.


Their light fitting has also to serve as emergency lighting in situations where lighting is poor as fire fighters assess the strength of the fire in order to effectively fight it. Apart from good lighting fittings, fire trucks are also fitted with other apparatus including communication equipment, movable systems of lighting with high intensity beams capable of penetrating deep smoke, equipments for saving life and equipment for fighting fire.

Ambulances are extremely important vehicles for medical related emergencies. These emergency vehicles are fitted with an array of medical apparatus for saving lives. The siren and good lighting are instrumental in enabling them move through traffic as well as provide lighting in dark places like in case of an accident. Towing trucks are emergency vehicles used to clear emergency scenes in the event of vehicle collision or fire breakout. Though these vehicles are not fitted with more emergency equipments, they are fitted with strong light bars to alert the public of slow traffic and clear the road. Towing trucks rush to accident scenes with their lights on and flashing as well clear the way in sites of construction.


Emergency vehicle lighting for highway incidents differs from ordinary vehicle lights in various ways. One of these ways is in their lighting systems. By flashing lights, these vehicles send signs to the public.  Due to the crucial role they play, emergency vehicle lighting for highway incidents allows emergency vehicles gain easy and fast access to emergency scenes, notify the public of slow traffic and facilitate personnel undertake the necessary tasks without interruptions related to insufficient lighting.