There are many different types of funeral services and you want to be sure that you understand what is out there.  It is really important to know memorial funeral services and what is going to work for you, whether it is for you or a family member, you want to know what everyone’s needs are and what is going to work the best for you so that you can have a service that fits your needs. With a wide variety of funeral services, everyone should be able to find that service that really touches their heart and gives them what they want so that they can have a great send off and really feel great about what the service included.

 #1 Traditional Funeral Services

The traditional funeral services or memorial funeral service includes a standard ceremony and everything else. It is really easy to get this set up, but you do want to make sure that you have funds for this, the average traditional funeral is going to cost between $8000 and $10000. What will happen at these services is that the service will be held at a church, chapel, place of worship, or other location. Following that ceremony, the procession will occur, and the body will be transported to the cemetery where there will be what is called the final committal ceremony there.

#2 Graveside Funeral Services

For a lot of people, they don’t have the affiliation to a church or a place of worship, so they don’t know where to have the ceremony. But, for graveside funeral services, you don’t have to have a place of worship to have a ceremony at. These ceremonies for a memorial funeral service don’t require that. Instead, you can actually have the service right at the graveside before the body is buried. Most ceremonies today are probably split between this type of service and the traditional ceremony that other people will have. It is important to discuss what people’s wishes are for their final ceremony so that you know what to do in the event that something happens.

#3 Direct Cremation

There are a lot of people out there that don’t want to have anything done in terms of funeral services, so instead of having a ceremony or anything else, they go for a direct cremation. A direct cremation is definitely something that people do, but it is a little rarer. If this is your wish, be sure that you explicitly spell this out in your final wishes, it is really important that you do so. Instead of a memorial funeral service, there are some people that may just wish for this so that the family can get done what they need to get done inexpensively and get it over so that they can go on with their lives.

#4 Cremation with Ceremony

For others, they want to have that ceremony and they want their family to be able to celebrate their lives. However, they may not want to be buried in the ground, there are a lot of people that choose to be cremated, but still want to have that ceremony to allow the family to celebrate their life. Be sure that you are looking at these funeral services so that you can check out the price. You can actually buy a very nice plot or burial area that may be in a tomb where you can put the cremated body. This is a great way to have a funeral memorial service without really overdoing it. If someone wishes to be cremated, you don’t just have to do a direct cremation and then move on, you have choices.

#5 Direct Burial

For some people, death is a very private event and if you are one of those people, you want to make sure that your final wishes are expressly spelled out so that people know what to do. Be sure that you are looking into a direct burial; this is a way to have a body buried but not have a ceremony or anything else like that. A direct burial is probably one of the simplest ways for funeral services and is a way to avoid having a memorial funeral service. There is no visitation of the casket or the body and there is no service that will exist, everything is done very quickly. There is no need to have a long drawn out ceremony if the person does not request it or does not wish to have it.

#6 Memorial Service

Funeral services that are memorial services are something that happens after the body has been buried. For the most part, these funeral memorial service options are basically created to make sure that the family can have a private burial and so that everyone else is welcome to come to the memorial service, but his separates the family from everyone else so that they can grieve and get what they need before opening it up to friends that may not be grieving in the same manner s the family. This allows everyone to respect the person that has passed in a way that they deem appropriate. Be sure that you are planning out this event to honor the family and to give them their chance to grieve.

#7 Private Service

For a lot of people, they want their funeral services to be a private service. It is very important to honor the wishes of someone that is deceased and if they want privacy, you want to give it to them. Make sure that with this funeral memorial service that you are honoring the wishes of the deceased and of the family and giving them the privacy that they wish for. These services are generally combined with a memorial service so that people can honor the deceased later on but so that the family can have their time along with them to grieve together. Make sure that you are looking at the best way to handle these funeral services so that everyone is happy.