Very often, one of the complaints that people have about their living space is that they need more storage. Whether this is in the bedroom, closet space, kid's rooms or kitchens, we all want more space. It is a weird phenomenon, though, because it seems that the more space we have, the more stuff we seem to fill it with. This is not an issue with many cultures. Other cultures make the most of simplicity and openness as their preferred style. In Japan, for instance, the simple look of a rock garden or bedroom is most exemplified by the futon mattress. This simple piece of furniture is both a statement and a reflection of the Zen philosophy at work. In most traditional Japanese homes, the futon is a two part piece of bedding with a bottom pad and an upper quilted piece. These are typically laid on mats to sleep on and then beat out and hung out to air in the morning. This frees up the space to be used for other purposes. It also gives more space to the room in general.

This type of open space feeling can be achieved in your home as well, you just need to consider how you use your space and your philosophy around accumulating 'things'. It isn't just you, we all have some type of hang up over accumulating more and more stuff. You've probably seen or at least heard of those TV shows and hosts that all they do is help to clean up people's spaces. They don't focus on futon mattresses or bed frames, necessarily but they could. It would work well for many people that are looking to simplify their lives and their living spaces. But you don't need to create an Asian feel in your home, your décor can remain the same and just implement some good ideas.

Bed Frames With Extra Storage For Your Futon Could Help

Some bed frames are made to simply rest a box spring and mattress on. This is fine, and some even have space beneath them where who knows what kind of stuff gets lost. Well, if you have a futon, this may not be an option. Well, at least not until recently. There are different kinds of futon mattress frames and styles. If you are familiar with the classic futon, then you are probably thinking about the bi-fold design with armrests. Right? That one is a classic, but offers little to no storage. Some have the magazine racks built in but that is about all.

You can also have a custom built headboard and frame style for your bed. Maybe you would like some additional shelving or such for your clock, table lamps or book. You can never have enough places to put your glasses, so a shelf there would be perfect. Then, like this title suggests, you can also have storage built into your bed frame. With a futon mattress, there is typically not room beneath it if you use a traditional 'on-the-floor- type of placement. However, with a little modern touch, you can get drawers and other features built right into your futon bed frame. This can go a long way toward freeing up more space and giving you a more clutter-free home. You can sleep better just thinking about it!