Palm trees almost always conjure up memories of a tropical paradise, and have a way of creating that relaxing ambiance that you normally find on vacation. Though each palm brings these thoughts to surface, not all palms are the same. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and even their leaves and trunks can vary in color and shape. Many thrive in desert climates, while others prefer more shaded homes. One thing is true for all: palms are a great way to bring a vacation reminder to your home or backyard.

Beginners can quickly become overwhelmed by the wide selection available. Some palms stand to towering heights while others are small enough to keep in a container on the patio. Choosing a style of palm tree depends on your living climate, as well as your personal preference. Consider these different types of palm trees available.

Mexican Fan Palm - Washingtonia robusta
Sporting a slender trunk, this palm comes crowned by large fan-shaped green fronds. The considerable heights of this palm create a beautiful tropical appearance that adds depth and dimension to your yard.

Canary Island Date Palm - Phoenix canariensis
This is an attractive palm that creates that ideal, tropical look. The trunk has been known to grow over 50 feet tall, shaded by leaves that are over 18 feet long. This palm looks impressive enough to create a sense of wonder to any piece of property.

Pygmy Date Palm - Phoenix roebelenii
On the opposite end of the "size spectrum" is the Pygmy Date palm. It fits into almost any landscape small or large; sunny or shady. While it thrives outside, it can also survive indoors. Sporting feathery fine leaves, the palm features a short and skinny trunk that grows to about 5 to 8 feet. This palm makes for a beautiful decoration anywhere and brings the natural wonder of the tropics to your own yard, and can be found, conveniently, at many wholesale nurseries.

Queen Palm - Arecastrum romanzoffianum
If it were all about popularity, the Queen Palm would be ranked among the highest royalty, as its name suggests. This straight, single-trunk palm grows quite rapidly. It is not quite drought-resistant, but it is tolerant of dry climates, and is even cold hardy in most climates. It thrives best with regular water and full sun to light shade.