Different Types of Pickles10 Common Pickles

Pickles are a very popular snack for people of all ages. In fact, did you know that pickles have no fat, are low in calories and have many other health benefits? There are many types of pickles that are available, some are more popular then others. I have created a list of the different types of pickles that are the most common for us to enjoy.

  1. Bread & Butter Pickle- A type of sweet pickle which is sweet-and-tangy. These types of pickles are cutinto thin slices, usually with waffle-like edges are used in sandwiches, burgers etc.
  2. Candied Pickle- This is a type of sweet pickle that is found packed in a extra-heavily sweetened liquid.
  3. Dill Pickle- The dill pickle is the most commonly used and known type of pickles.
  4. Fermented or Processed Pickles- This type of pickle is fermented with salt and vinegar is added.
  5. German-Style Dill Pickle- This type of pickle is unfermented but still uses vinegar to pickle the cucumber. This allows for a less sour taste.
  6. Gherkin- This type of pickles is actually a specific species of pickles. It is best known for its small size. These types of pickles can be dill or sweet.
  7. Half Sour Pickle- The half sour pickle does not use vinegar to season it and they are refrigerated for the entire pickling process. These type of pickles are the firmest and crunchiest.
  8. Kosher Dill Pickle- These type of pickles are made with a large amount of garlic and have a stronger flavor then regular dill pickles.
  9. Sour Pickle- Sour pickles remain in the pickling process longer then most pickles, the longer they remain in the brine the sourer they become.
  10. 10. Sweet Pickle- This pickle is made with vinegar, sugar and spices.