Basically there are six different types of refrigerators that you can purchase from a refrigerator distributor. The fridge distributor will generally have these three refrigerators always available: The top freezer model, the bottom freezer model and a side by side door model with the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other. The side by side will usually have an ice maker and water dispenser located through the door for easy access. Another one is the built in model which is designed to fit smoothly with counters and cabinets. Then there are a newer offering called refrigerator drawers for additional or specialized fridge space.

Top Mounted Freezers

The top mounted freezers from a fridge distributor are good for the family that has lots of things they want to store in the freezer. A top mounted freezer is a bit larger than the bottom mounted model. It is also the earliest of the refrigerators whereas the bottom mounted was only introduced and available from a refrigerator distributor a while ago in the US. The top mounted freezer unit is more common and so it’s cheaper than a bottom mounted freezer model. The bottom mounted model will cost more and will not come in as many color choices. Manufacturers are making more of them as they are becoming more popular.

Bottom Mounted Freezers

A bottom mounted freezer model from your fridge distributor will usually have a slightly smaller freezer space. This is workable if you have less frozen goods to store. Also if you don’t use the freezer that much then you will not be bending down to the bottom drawer to get to the items in it. Also a bottom mounted freezer may be a bit harder to find things because they get shoved to the back or at the bottom of the freezer drawer. But bending at the waist repeatedly is good exercise. You will see more of these in the next few years at your refrigerator distributor.

Integrated Refrigerator and Freezer

Refrigerators evolved into the integrated fridge freezer two door model seen more today and available from your fridge distributor. This type of refrigerator freezer has a separate compartment for the refrigerator and the freezer side-by-side. They are two separate units and have two separate side by side doors each with a handle. This model is available in many colors and finishes from your distribuidores neveras (refrigerator distributor) and both units are contained within one large unit so they take up more space in the kitchen.

Refrigerator Drawers

Then your refrigerator distributor may offer those refrigerator drawers that can be installed under a counter or on an island somewhere in the kitchen or even the rec room. Your distribuidora de refrigeradores (fridge distributor) should have them in stock or be able to order them for you. The utility costs on these don’t run high because they have a small capacity. Built-in units are full sized units that come in many options for design and looks because they are intended to be built into the existing décor. Both the drawers and built-ins are fairly pricey to purchase.