Types of Saree Materials


An unstitched beautiful piece of cloth or a material that is usually worn by women living in India is known as a Saree. The material of the saree may be varying from around four to nine yards in length and it is usually worn in varying styles and colors. Countries such as India, Singapore, Pakistan, Burma, Nepal, Malaysia, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are popular for sarees. 

Saree Materials

Currently, many types of Indian sarees are obtainable in the markets. They have wonderful and attractive designs done on each one of them like the block printed, sarees with light and heavy embroidery, and the sarees that are stamped. So it becomes very imperative to select the material of each saree cautiously and this includes the particular design that they have on it. Each of the sarees differs in their length and some of them can be as long as six yards. The saree’s beauty lies in its pattern, colors used on it and the design including the fabric which must match all the three aspects to make a saree look beautiful and special for the wearer.

Cotton Sarees

Cotton SareesThese are quite easy to wear and are pleasant to look at. This kind of saree has big borders and a richly decorative palla or maybe just a simple one too. Women usually wear the cotton sarees during summer as it is hot during this time of the year and it is also worn during some Indian festivals like the Holi, Baisakhi, Deepavali, Lohri and the Dussehra festival too. Nearly all the Indian states grow cotton in abundance and each uses a specialized process of cotton cultivation. This process differs in their styles and weaving methods, the prints and the quality or various colors which are used on them while making it.

India is popular for kinds of cotton sarees from different states and they are listed as below:

  • Chanderi saree from the state of Madhya Pradesh
  • Ikat saree which is from the state of Karnataka
  • Sambalpuri and Bomdai saree from the state of Orissa
  • Baluchari saree from the state of West Bengal
  • Kanjeevaram saree which has some heavy bordering and Zari palla from the state of Tamil Nadu
  • Tie and Dye cotton sarees from the state of Rajasthan
  • Kamalkudi saree from the state of Kerala
  • Venkatgiri and the Pochampali sarees from the state of Orissa

Other than these, some sarees are also available in khadi cotton, jute, simple cotton, Kora cotton and this depends on the cotton thread that is utilized for making it.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon SareesThis is a very smooth and the fabric used for making this kind of saree is light giving an illusion of wearing a very flimsy or delicate kind of material but, in reality, the fabric used for making it is very tough, strong and durable. A woman looks very graceful and beautiful in this kind of saree and to enhance her beauty she can wear some nice and pretty jewelery. This saree can easily be worn for a party event or even at home regularly. Sometimes these kind of sarees are made in some flowery kind of prints and in bandhani prints, the hand-block painting or the Zardosi kind and these are considered as a hot trend currently. 

Crepe Sarees

Crepe SareesThis kind of fabric is very thin and it is also crumpled. It is a sort of silk material just to give it a shining and rich look and feel. The silk material is quite in fashion these days and women can buy this material in several colors and prints and unique designs. Women love wearing crepe sarees as it makes them look slim and the material is adaptable and bright. This saree can be easily tied close to the waist and looks good for parties and along with some bright accessories and jewelery. The most famous fabric is the Mysore crepe saree as it has a very light feel and women look very attractive and slim in it because it is figure hugging material.

Georgette Sarees

Georgette Sarees

These sarees are very simple to wear and clean them and are popular in India. You can wear them every day and hence, they are the easiest of all the sarees to maintain and can be worn daily at home or to work. These sarees may be heavily adorned with some stones that are precious and some of the sarees have rich embroidery done on them which are suitable for social events. As they can be worn all the year round, so this material remains almost free from dust and dirt, is beautiful to look at and quite graceful if the lady wears it well and hence, it adds to her beauty and feminine attraction.

Silk Sarees

Silk SareesThese are simple to care and quite costly too. Silk sarees are available in different materials and kinds like muga silk, tunar silk and tasar silk etc and they generally have blouses which are complementing the sarees called as designer blouses. Silk sarees are popular in Benaras and presently, there are four kinds of them like the organza sarees, the shatter sarees and the pure silk ones and the georgette silk sarees. The popular design known as the Naksha patta is very in demand because of the scenes of villages designed on it or the pictures of small towns or fairs, the designs of some temples, flowers and foliage, the designs of Buti and the monkeys which are dancing around on trees and so on. Women wear them during summer and also in winter to drive out the cold and provide some warmth to the body.