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There are several different types of shower heads some of them popular and others not so much. The most popular ones are typically those that either save water or do the opposite and produce a higher water flow. Speaking of water flow the most widely used type of water flow is an aerating flow, which means that air is mixed in with water as it sprays. When air is mixed with the water it helps to save water and this is primarily why the aerating flow is preferred. A pulsating flow is more powerful and is popular with those who want a massaging shower experience.

Now, let's get into the different types of shower heads. We will start with the low flow shower head that is known for being a water efficient showering head because it helps save water by restricting the water flow. If you're the type of person who cares more about saving water than a strong showering spray then this is the shower head for you. They're cost effective and in this day and age this is certainly a top priority for a lot of people. Many apartment buildings use this type of shower head.

Next, let's look at the high pressure shower head also known as a high flow shower heads. Many of us, including myself, love high pressure shower heads. These types of shower heads increase the velocity of the water and provide a more powerful showering spray as well as a full body coverage. If you have low water pressure a high pressure shower head may be able to help increase it. It's worth a try since a new showering head is inexpensive and it might be time for a new one anyway.

Another type of shower head that is gaining in popularity is the rainfall shower head. This type of shower head does pretty much as its name says; it provides a natural rainfall type spray. It has to be installed differently as it sprays downward instead of outward like most shower heads. You will need to mount it from the ceiling stall of the shower or add straight/arched shower arm. As you can see this one requires some forethought and planning, but many claim it's worth it.

The 2 in 1 shower heads provide a versatile shower set up that can't be beat when you have kids, pets or an elderly person living in the home. You get the choice of a hand held shower head or fixed and as we both know the hand held shower head can come in pretty handy at times. As long as you choose one with simple install instructions it can be mounted in 10 minutes or less.

Dual shower heads also known as double shower heads are excellent for the two people in the shower experience. The showering spray, or sprays in this case, can be positioned in a variety of angles depending on the model and make of the shower heads. These take customizing the showering experience to a higher level than most.

A massaging shower head will always be a popular and sought after shower head for obvious reasons. It feels better than most and is a healing type of shower experience for those with tired achy muscles, injuries or arthritis. This one typically comes with a choice of spray settings to select level of massage pressure needed to invigorate or relax the body.

Finally, there are color changing shower heads for those who are bored and want to spice up their showering experience. Some of them even have colors set to change with water temperature. One thing for sure is that kids love playing in them, so if your kids need showering motivation this  is the one for you. The kids have fun and get clean without any bribing or begging!

As far as quality brands of different types of shower heads go, the following list contains the best shower head brands on the market. The top 10 are Delta, Waterpik, Alsons, Moen, Kohler, Peerless, Culligan, Grohe, Oxygenics and Interbath.

It's also a good idea to check out reviews and ratings on Amazon for more details on each type of showering head you may be interested in and to compare prices.

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