Air conditioning units are a perfect example of a luxury that we have in the world that we all take for granted. It's only when we have to spend time in the summer in a room that hasn't been air conditioned that we really realise how much we need it during the summer months especially if you live in a hot country. However, most of us don't really know what the uses of air conditioning are apart from cooling down our own homes and offices. In this article I'll be taking you through some of the more interesting uses of air conditioning around the world.

The first one will start with is an extremely important example because it may keep you alive at some point! And air conditioning units are used in surgical rooms to make sure that the air is free of infections and also kept at a temperature so that the person is being operated on doesn't become dehydrated. As you can tell this is an extremely important application of air conditioning that was a lot more difficult before its invention. While the unit may not be the same as the portable ac units in your house it has the same principles and saves lives each and every day.

Another example of air conditioning units are vital for our modern way of life is in clean rooms. These are rooms were complex electrical goods are made and require a high level of cleanliness in the air. Without air conditioning units this could be very difficult to achieve and modern electronics and would be much more difficult. You also use a cleanroom when creating pharmaceuticals. In both cases it is important to control not only the temperature and humidity of the room but to make sure it is as clean as possible.

There are plenty of other examples of where you might use air conditioning in modern life. For example airplanes must use air conditioning to make sure that the pressure is kept at the right level as well as keeping everyone on the plane comfortable throughout the flight. Without air conditioning our lives would be a lot different and it's not just that we would be hotter during the summer months. Air conditioning plays a role in a wide variety of different places throughout modern life and it's definitely something that should not be overlooked just because it is perceived to be a simple invention.