If you look too old bartending books or even on the many drinking sites online, you'll find literally hundreds if not thousands of different cocktails based around vodka. It is pretty amazing to think that one liquor could be created to make so many different drinks. Vodka cocktails are often very popular because the alcohol isn't the main taste but the flavors in the drinks that are mixed in are. While not everybody is a vodka person there are several types of cocktails that most people are tried or have wanted to try. If you're not sure whether vodka cocktail looks like read on to find out some of the most popular ones right now.

First of all we have to start with the classics. One of the most popular beginner cocktails of all time has to be screwdriver. This is a very simple drink that consists of a shot of vodka and orange juice. Another beginner drink that is becoming very popular are the vodka martinis. Many of the flavored specialty martinis are becoming especially popular and most people prefer vodka because the alcohol doesn't have the same bite.

Next you have some of the stranger mixed drinks. A White Russian, made popular by the movie "The Big Lebowski," is a vodka-based drink that is extremely popular college. In this mixture has a coffee and cream type taste and many people enjoy that but it's not right for everyone. Another example of a strange drink that's also a classic is the Bloody Mary. This drink is also very popular but usually with an older drinker or generation.

If you're looking for something slightly different you can always go with modern inventions. One example is the Absolut Vodka Company, who publishes dozens if not hundreds of mixed drink recipes to use with their specialty vodka. While these might not have the tradition of older drinks, they provide a wide array of taste options for people who want something else in a mixed drink.

Vodka cocktails vary greatly in taste from one rest need to another. They can taste like salty vegetable juice, like a heavy coffee and cream, at the strong alcoholic cocktail, or they can taste exactly like the Jews that they are mixed with. This versatility is part of the reason that vodka is such a popular liquor.