A career as a slot machine technician is a good idea if you are a resident of Las Vegas or New Jersey. But however rewarding this career is, it is useless if anyone wishing to be one does not even know where to start.

Slot Machine Technician Training From Community Colleges

There is such a proliferation of slot machines in Las Vegas that several community colleges have since opened their doors to more and more students. A lot of these community colleges are actually affiliated to popular gambling arenas to such an extent that it will be very easy for you to land a job after your training period has come to an end. However, to be on the safe side you need to set up consultations with various casinos in order to find out which colleges they prefer to take their new recruits from. The fact that there is a huge demand for slot machine technicians is a lame excuse for thinking that any qualification will do. And when you do find a reputable college, its best you get training in machine fabrication, wiring and other technical courses in electronics.

Casino Training

In as much as there may be a lot of community colleges offering training to prospective slot technicians, they do not always have enough room for all prospective candidates. So this will only leave you with one tangible option, which is to boldly approach a casino manager and ask for training. However, you will need a GED in order to be given first preference ahead of other people who may have received vocational training on the electronic aspects of slot machines. Training normally lasts for at least a year and even shorter than this if you grasp core concepts quickly. The benefit of having this training is that you actually get real hands on training opportunity and if you are focused on a long term career you can even pursue a standardized qualification while you are at it. Plus, you will also be getting paid while on the job.

Slot Tech School Las Vegas

If you are looking for a more advanced way of landing a job you need to get into technical colleges that carry out specialized training. With these colleges you not only get to work with slot machine technology but you also get to learn a lot more about electronics than the usual Community college will teach you. But you will surely be in a much stronger position if you can get into a college which offers both specialized and general training. With such an institution you can even receive a certificate in gaming repair and also be certified as a general electronics repair technician. But like most colleges these days you have to save up money in order to get the best qualification out there.

And if you are unable to get the desired training you have your mind set on you can always move to New Jersey, the second largest gambling capital after Las Vegas.