The Situation

Your partner goes to sleep for the night and you his/her phone vibrate. Curious as to who wold be texting this late, you check his/her phone. After reading the text message, you realize that your partner has been cheating on you. After waking up and talking about it, your partner admits to cheating and leaves your house. You are depressed and restless the rest of the night.

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How To Stay Positive

It's Not Your Fault

There is nothing more that you could of done then what you have. You tried as hard as you could for the relationship to work, and your partner didn't. At least you have no reason to feel guilty, you simply aren't the one at fault. All you can do now is move on and hope the next love in your life gives you the respect you deserve.

If It Was Meant To Be, It Would Have Worked Out

This saying works well for many situations, but more specifically after the end of a relationship. If it was meant to be, your partner would have loved you as much as you did them. If it was meant to be, your partner would have never cheated. You can't make the person you want want you back. It just doesn't work that way.

This Happens To Many People, And All Of Them Get Through It

This is a great mindset. I like to imagine a TV show where a character that I  like goes through something similar that I did. In the TV show, they usually move on in just a few episodes. However, they always do manage to find someone new. Remember that they have TV shows where characters move on because everyone can relate to it. Everyone has moved on from a heartbreak at one point in their life, and you can too.

Nothing's Perfect

Think about all the things that were wrong in your relationship. Think of all the things that you didn't like and all the times you didn't enjoy. No relationship is perfect, don't think for a second that it truely was and that person who was once in your life couldn't be replaced. They always can, it just takes time.

Look Forward To Being Single

Think about all the things that your partner disliked you doing. Maybe it was hanging with your friends too often, or maybe they didn't like your friends of the opposite sex. Become close with all those people again that took the backseat when you were in your relationship. Not all of them might take you back, some might have grown apart, but the ones worth it will stick around in your time of need.