Different Ways To Get Over Coffee Addiction

Breaking Caffeine Addiction

Several people around the world cannot function unless they've had their morning coffee.  Caffeine is the jump start that helps us become wide eyed and ready to face the workday.  Many of us act like brain dead zombies before our morning Starbucks or Folgers, and we've grown to form a coffee addiction, where we need it in order to function.  Though the problem may not seem too severe, it does cause minor health problems, and also makes us dependent on caffeine in order to function properly.  There are many different ways for us to break caffeine addiction, however it can be somewhat of an uncomfortable process, just like breaking any other addiction.  Getting over a coffee addiction is not fun, however it can be very rewarding in the long run.

Coffee Addict 1

A good way to break a coffee addiction is to simply wean yourself off.  This does not mean that you should quit cold turkey, but try breaking your addiction by gradually drinking less and less coffee.  Instead of starting your day with 4 or 5 cups, reduce it gradually over time, until you're drinking none.  Start by drinking one cup less than you normally drink, and after a couple of weeks, drink a cup less than that.  If you're drinking one a morning, drink a smaller sized cup.  This will limit the amount, and will be less than you're used to with your caffeine addiction.  This causes you to slowly become used to drinking less coffee, instead of cutting it out all at once.  This allows for the caffeine withdrawal to not be as painful.

Also, try switching up the way that you consume your coffee.  If you usually drink cream and sugar in your coffee, start drinking your morning beverage without these additions.  This will cause the drink to not be as familiar as it once was, and you won't like the taste near as much.  This will cause you to cut down, because you're not used to drinking coffee without cream or sugar.  Removing flavors that you add, will greatly reduce your caffeine addiction.

Another direction that you can take, if you've decided to stop drinking coffee all together, is to start waking up earlier in the day.  This is a good way to counteract the caffeine withdrawal symptom of being tired.  If your day starts earlier, you may start waking up.  Mix up your morning routine by finding something else to do that will get your brain working and your blood pumping.  A good alternative is to go to the gym in the mornings, or take a healthy walk around your neighborhood.  This will substitute a good, healthy, lifestyle choice for the negative effects of caffeine addiction.  Physical activity can also help in waking you up.

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If none of these options are working for you, and you still can't function without your morning cup of coffee, you can always try drinking decaffeinated coffee.  This will give you the feeling of drinking a cup of coffee, without the negative effects of caffeine.  Sometimes the idea of drinking coffee will be enough to wake us up and make us ready for the day.  The act of drinking coffee may be what motivates us to wake up, instead of the actual caffeine.  This may not always be the case, and caffeine withdrawal may occur, but don't worry.  Caffeine withdrawal will eventually go away, once your body gets over your coffee addiction.

Caffeine addiction can be a major stumbling block in our lives, but it is possible to get over it. The best way to break any form of addiction is based upon the person who is addicted.  Finding out the best method to cure your coffee addiction is entirely up to you, because you understand what will work best for you, and what won't.  I hope some of these suggestions help you, as you figure out how to get over your coffee addiction.