While searching for the best ways for making money online I have bookmarked a lot of useful websites related to paid surveys, pay per click programs, paid freelance writing platform, paid opinion forums, online marketing offers and product selling websites etc. Here I have discussed some of those important websites briefly to help my readers in making money online.

Paid Surveys & Opinion Panels

Opinion Outpost

At Opinion Outpost you are paid to complete legitimate surveys. It hardly takes 10 to 30 minutes to take a survey and within this short period of time you can earn $1 to $10 per survey you complete successfully.

Synovate Global Opinion Panel

It is another global panel of paid surveys. Here you can also get reward winning opportunities with first prize of $1000. This site is also known for its fast and fair payment system.

Ipsos i-say

At this survey platform members are given points in return of their completed surveys and these points are exchanged with prizes. You can also make extra points by making referrals to this site.

Global Test Market

It is also a trusted source of paid surveys recommended by top Bloggers. You can also find great online reviews about the fair way of payment it has.

LightSpeed Panel

This site is famous for paying its members just for giving authentic opinion so if you are habitual to give opinions and suggestions on various matters then you can turn this habit into a legit way of online money making.

Online Advertisement Programs

Google Adsense

Google adsense allows website owners to place google ads on their web pages. Whenever an ad is clicked, the site owner gets share from the total amount paid by its advertiser to google for displaying their ads.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords can help you in online money making by promoting your product or services through paid advertisement. You pay google to display your ads and drive online traffic towards your site. Increased traffic and visibility means increased sale and business promotion.


Chitika comes at second number in the list of top PPC programs because google comes first in this list.


It is considered the most useful programs for those who are involved or interested to make money online through affiliate programs and internet marketing.


This is also an affiliate program which pays its publishers on the basis of per click, per lead or per sale made via affiliate link.

Paid Writing Sites

Associated Content

If you are passionate about informative and interesting content then join associated content today to submit unique articles there. This site pays its writers on the basis on page impressions and upfront payment system.


Helium is another paid writing forum which not only pays per page impressions but also pays instant $1 to fill an empty title. Moreover writers can take part in various writing contests and can accept the writing projects available in Helium Marketplace to make hundreds of dollars per article.

Info Barrel

Info barrel is the best writing platform which offers maximum revenue sharing of 80% to its writers. So start writing for Info barrel today and earn online with Google Adsense, Chitika and Amazon Associate accounts etc.

Online Marketplace to Sell Products


Ebay is considered the most popular and authentic online marketplace where you can sell you used stuff to make some extra cash online.


It has everything you need to open your own online store from complete setup to promotion and management. So open your webstore today, sell products and enjoy making money online.